Sericostoma alakir, Sipahiler, 2021

Sipahiler, Füsun, 2021, Males of the genus Sericostoma Latreille 1825 in Turkey (Trichoptera Sericostomatidae), Zootaxa 4965 (3), pp. 483-500: 491

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Sericostoma alakir

sp. n.

Sericostoma alakir   sp. n.

( Figs 21–25 View FIGS )

Material. Holotype male: Turkey, Antalya, Finike, Alakır Stream, Çatallar Village , 450 m, 36°29′N, 30°14′E, 14.v.1982, (CD: U-12), leg. and coll. SİPAHİLER. GoogleMaps  

Paratypes: 2 females: Same data as for holotype GoogleMaps   .

General description. Antennae and maxillary palps brown, wings dark brown, legs pale brown yellowish; maxillary palps of males large dorsally ( Fig. 21 View FIGS ); length of each male forewing 12.0–12.5 mm (mean = 12.25 mm, n = 2), of each female forewing 13.0–14.0 mm (mean = 13.5 mm, n = 2).

Description of male genitalia ( Figures 22–25 View FIGS ): In lateral view, segment IX rather narrow and roundly dilated anterolaterally in 90° angle. Preanal appendages long and oval. lateral prolongations of segment X very distinct, each with basoventral forming equilateral triangle, apically acute and directed ventrad; mesoventral projection very long, 3/4 as long as dorsal branch, and nearly parallel to dorsal branch, mesoventral and dorsal branches both gradually tapering to acute apices. In dorsal view, segment X blunt apically; mesoventral and dorsal branches almost equal in breadth, both slightly diverging. In lateral view, dorsal lobe of each inferior appendage dilated ventrally to form ventral lobe, apical margin of dorsal lobe oval and longer than ventral lobe; in ventral view, ventral branches of inferior appendages rather short and broad, tips dilated mesally and laterally, nearly foot-shaped. In lateral view, phallic apparatus narrow at base, second half dilated, 1.5X as thick as base, basoventral carina semicircular and about as long as thickness of base.

Diagnosis. Sericostoma alakir   sp. n. differs from the other species found in Turkey especially by the shape of the lateral prolongations of segment X, of which the mesoventral branch is only a little shorter than the dorsal branch. It resembles S. dimcay   sp. n. described below; the mesoventral branch of this species is also long, slightly shorter than the dorsal branch; in dorsal view, the median part of segment X is apically rounded, while in S. dimcay   sp. n. it is triangular and acute. In addition, the ventral branches of the inferior appendages of S. alakir   sp. n. are straight and the apical parts triangular, acute mesally, whereas in S. dimcay   sp. n. the ventral branches of the inferior appendages are sinuate and the apices are quadrangular, truncate mesally.

Remarks: Sericostoma alakir   sp. n. inhabits a mountain stream with rapidly flowing water.