Sericostoma ida SİPAHİLER 2000, SIPAHILER, 2000

Sipahiler, Füsun, 2021, Males of the genus Sericostoma Latreille 1825 in Turkey (Trichoptera Sericostomatidae), Zootaxa 4965 (3), pp. 483-500: 487

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Sericostoma ida SİPAHİLER 2000


Sericostoma ida SİPAHİLER 2000  

( Figs 6–10 View FIGS )

Material examined. Turkey, Balıkesir, 25 km East of Edremit, Güre-Zeytinli, Kazdağları, Ayı Stream , 400 m, 39°40′N, 26°49′E, 7.viii.1994, 1 male (holotype), 3 females (CD: U-95) GoogleMaps   ; Balıkesir, 25 km North, Bayramiç, Evciler, Ayazma Milli Parkı , 500 m, 39°45′N, 26°59′E, 5.viii.1994, 2 males, 4 females (paratypes) (CD: U-96), all leg. and coll. SİPAHİLER GoogleMaps   .

General description: The first 8 or 9 segments of the antennae are annulated; the maxillary palps are large ( Fig 6 View FIGS ). Length of each male forewing 10.0–10.5 mm (mean = 10.25 mm, n =2), of each female forewing 10.5–11.0 mm (mean = 10.75 mm, n = 2). Maxillary palps of male large, like those of the other species of the genus Sericostoma   found in Turkey ( SİPAHİLER, 2000).

Description of male genitalia. ( Figs 7–10 View FIGS ) In lateral view, basoventral branch of each sclerotized lateral prolongation of segment X is short, quadrangular, its apex stout and truncate; mesoventral branch very short, 1/5 as long as dorsal branch, quadrangular, with apex truncate and directed ventrad, dorsal branch longer, with small triangular pointed projection located subdistally on inner edge, and apically pointed. In lateral view, phallic apparatus having apical portion 1.4X as thick as basal portion, with basoventral carina triangular and as long as thickness of base.

Diagnosis: Sericostoma ida   differs from the other species of the genus Sericostoma   in Turkey by having short quadrangular mesoventral projections of the lateral prolongations of segment X, which are directed ventrad. Basoventral projections are also quadrangular. It resembles S. grusiense   , which has the mesoventral projections of the lateral prolongations of segment X also directed ventrad, but in S. grusiense   they are pointed at the tips. It resembles also S. flavicorne   , but the mesoventral projections of that species are directed caudad and are pointed apically.

Remarks: Sericostoma ida   is found in northwestern Turkey in a small area of the National Park of Kazdağlar Mountains (Ida Mountains).