Antonina thaiensis Takahashi, 1942

Gavrilov-Zimin, Ilya A., 2016, Cytogenetic and taxonomic studies of some legless mealybugs (Homoptera, Coccinea, Pseudococcidae), CompCytogen 4, pp. 587-601: 592

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Antonina thaiensis Takahashi, 1942


Taxon classification Animalia Hemiptera Pseudococcidae

Antonina thaiensis Takahashi, 1942  


K 1167, Southern Thailand, about 2 km E of Ranong city, under the leaf sheathes of bamboo, 26.XI.2013, Ilya Gavrilov-Zimin.

Cytogenetic data.

Lecanoid heterochromatinization; 2n = 22, 22+Bs (Fig. 1 f–h). Cleavage cells of some embryos show 2 additional B-chromosomes which are also visible in the euchromatic haploid set in males (Fig. 1h).