Newportia ignorata Kraus, 1955

Chagas-Jr, Amazonas, Chaparro, Elisa, Jiménez, Sebastián Galvis, Triana, Hernán Darío Triana, Flórez, Eduardo & Seoane, José Carlos Sícoli, 2014, The centipedes (Arthropoda, Myriapoda, Chilopoda) from Colombia: Part I. Scutigeromorpha and Scolopendromorpha, Zootaxa 3779 (2), pp. 133-156: 145

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Newportia ignorata Kraus, 1955


* Newportia ignorata Kraus, 1955  

Material examined. IAVH, 1 specimen, Caquetá, Solano, PNN Chiribiquete, 22-25-XI-2000, Bosque Magento , Rio Cuñare   .

Distribution. This species was previously reported from the Peruvian Andes by Kraus (1957). The present record from the Amazonian Región is the first for Colombia.

Altitudinal range. Known only from one locality at 203 m.