Sinopyrophorinae Bi & Li

Bi, Wen-Xuan, He *, Jin-Wu, Chen, Chang-Chin, Kundrata, Robin & Li, Xue-Yan, 2019, Sinopyrophorinae, a new subfamily of Elateridae (Coleoptera, Elateroidea) with the first record of a luminous click beetle in Asia and evidence for multiple origins of bioluminescence in Elateridae, ZooKeys 864, pp. 79-97 : 88

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Sinopyrophorinae Bi & Li

subfam. nov.

Sinopyrophorinae Bi & Li subfam. nov.

Type genus.

Sinopyrophorus Bi & Li, gen. nov., here designated.


The molecular phylogenetic analysis (Fig. 1) and morphology (Figs 2-23) justify the establishment of a new monogeneric subfamily Sinopyrophorinae Bi & Li, subfam. nov. within Elateridae . Sinopyrophorinae are easily recognizable by the strongly protruding frontoclypeal region (Fig. 4), which is medially distinctly longitudinally carinate, antennomeres II and III subequal in length and together less than half as long as antennomeres IV–XI, pronotal hind angles (Fig. 8) acute, produced posterolaterally, prosternal process (Fig. 8c) straight in lateral view, tarsomeres III and IV (Fig. 12) with ventral lobes, abdomen with seven (male) or six (female) ventrites, with a luminous organ (Fig. 16) on sternite II, and aedeagus (Fig. 20) with a median lobe shorter than phallobase, and arcuate parameres.