Ammodaimon Londt, 1985

Londt, Jason G. H., 2010, A review of Afrotropical Acnephalum Macquart, 1838, including the reinstatement of Sporadothrix Hermann, 1907 and descriptions of two new genera (Diptera: Asilidae: Stenopogoninae), African Invertebrates 51 (2), pp. 431-431 : 464

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Ammodaimon Londt, 1985


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Ammodaimon: Londt 1985: 497 . Type species: Ammodaimon acares Londt, 1985 , by original designation and monotypy.

With the discovery that a specimen illustrated by Oldroyd (1974) as Sporadothrix gracilis , discussed by Londt (1979, 1994) is actually an undescribed species of Ammodaimon the following description is required.

Diagnosis: Stenopogonine asilids with the following combination of characters. Head: Antenna: Set low on head (below an imaginary line drawn across maximum width of head in anterior view). Face gently convex; mystax covering entire face. Proboscis short, straight; palpi small, 1-segmented. Thorax: Mesonotum with well developed, long macrosetae (dc, ppn, npl, spal, pal). Scutellar disc asetose. Postmetacoxal area membranous. Legs: Tarsi elongate (as long or longer than tibiae); claws long, straight; empodia and pulvilli entirely wanting. Wing: Membrane lacking microtrichiae, transparent. Vein C continues around wing to level of A 1 (anal cell and alula without bordering vein), all distal cells bordering wing margin open; R 4 without basal stump-vein. Abdomen: Cylindrical (not obviously dorsoventrally flattened); eight segments clearly discernable. Genitalia exposed to view and rotated through 90°.











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