Coenonympha pamphilus Linnaeus, 1758,

Della Rocca, Francesca, Stefanelli, Silvia, Cardarelli, Elisa, Bogliani, Giuseppe & Bracco, Francesco, 2021, Contribution to the knowledge of the arthropods community inhabiting the winter-flooded meadows (marcite) of northern Italy, Biodiversity Data Journal 9, pp. 57889-57889: 57889

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Coenonympha pamphilus Linnaeus, 1758


Coenonympha pamphilus Linnaeus, 1758 

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Least Concern for Italian ( Balletto et al. 2015), Mediterranean ( Numa et al. 2016) and European assessments ( Van Swaay et al. 2010).


It is distributed in North Africa, Europe, Turkey, Middle East and west Mongolia ( Tolman and Lewington 2008). It can be found in mainland Italy, Sardinia and Sicily ( Villa et al. 2009).


Widespread in a wide range of habitats, often in arid and flower-rich meadows, mountain pastures and rugged fields from the plain to 2100 m a.s.l. It is also found in peatlands and wet meadows. Bivoltine species with generations in April-May, July-August, sometimes a third in October ( Paolucci 2013, Tolman and Lewington 2008, Villa et al. 2009).