Stenopodius texanus Schaeffer, 1933

Eiseman, Charles S., 2014, New Host Records and Other Notes on North American Leaf-Mining Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera), The Coleopterists Bulletin 68 (3), pp. 351-359: 355

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Stenopodius texanus Schaeffer


Stenopodius texanus Schaeffer  

On 10 November 2012, I found adults of this species feeding on foliage of an Abutilon Mill.   ( Malvaceae   ), probably either A. incanum (Link) Sweet   or A. parvulum A. Gray   , near Tucson, Arizona. They ate small, round to oval patches in the upper surface of the leaves. Among the leaves of this plant, I found a single blotch mine, which was largely clean with the frass all deposited in a mass at one end ( Fig. 12). The oval egg was found adjacent to the frass deposit, inserted in a pit chewed in the upper epidermis. The completed mine was about 1.5 cm 2. The adult S. texanus   emerged by 18 November, chewing an exit hole through the upper epidermis (specimen in USNM). This is the first rearing record for this beetle, which has previously been collected only as adults from several species of Sphaeralcea A. St.   -Hil. ( Malvaceae   ) ( Staines 2006).