Loxochila Butler, 1881 ("stat. rev."),

Plotkin, David & Kawahara, Akito Y., 2020, Review of recent taxonomic changes to the emerald moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Geometrinae), Biodiversity Data Journal 8, pp. 52190-52190: 52190

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Loxochila Butler, 1881 ("stat. rev.")


Loxochila Butler, 1881 ("stat. rev.") 

Loxochila burmensis  (Han, Galsworthy & Xue, 2009) ("sp. nov.")

Loxochila fragilis  ( Oberthür, 1916) ("comb. nov.")

Loxochila kina  (Swinhoe, 1893) ("comb. nov.")

Loxochila sinoisaria  ( Oberthür, 1916) ("comb. nov.")

Loxochila smaragdus  (Butler, 1880) ("comb. rev.")

Loxochila tibeta  (Chu, 1982) ("comb. nov.")


One new species was described ( Han et al. 2009b). Loxochila  was treated as a junior synonym of Geometra  in Parsons et al. (1999) and Scoble and Hausmann (2007). Han et al. (2009b) retained this classification in their revision of Geometra  , which divided the genus into two species groups. The type species of Loxochila  , at the time named Geometra smaragdus  (Butler), served as the eponymous taxon of the smaragdus species group. The molecular phylogeny of Ban et al. (2018) demonstrated that the smaragdus group is a strongly-supported clade that also contains one species from a different genus ( Tanaorhinus kina  Swinhoe). Ban et al. (2018) consequently re-instated the generic status of Loxochila  and transferred the species in the smaragdus group, including T. kina  , to this genus.