Dowton, Mark & Pape, Thomas, 2013, A key to the Australian Sarcophagidae (Diptera) with special emphasis on Sarcophaga (sensu lato), Zootaxa 3680 (1), pp. 148-189: 169-170

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Sarcophaga  ( Sarcorohdendorfia  ) sp_A

(Figure 60)

[Unnamed species near praedatrix  ; Meiklejohn et al. (unpublished)]

Morphological characters. Gena and occiput with setulae only yellow/white. Prescutellar acrostichal setae present. Proepisternum uniformly setulose, with setulae only yellow/white. Males with long setulae on the hind tibia. Body length 10–15 mm. (These characters are only valid for males, as females were not examined).

Geographical distribution. Australia (Queensland)—AUSTRALASIAN/OCEANIAN.

Biology. This species was collected at decayed-carrion baits by KAM.

Taxonomy. During the preparation of this key, it was realised that the species described by Lopes (1954) as Sarcophaga (Sarcorohdendorfia) praedatrix  actually encompasses two different species. The description and naming of this second species will appear in a forthcoming paper. DNA barcode sequences of this species have been deposited in both GenBank and BOLD.


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