Timarete Kinberg, 1866

Blake, James A. & Dean, Harlan K., 2019, New Species of Cirratulidae (Annelida, Polychaeta) from the Caribbean Sea, Zootaxa 4671 (3), pp. 301-338 : 328

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4671.3.1

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Timarete Kinberg, 1866


Genus Timarete Kinberg, 1866 View in CoL

Type species: Cirratulus anchylochaetus Schmarda, 1861 View in CoL , by original designation.

Synonym: Ambo Chamberlin, 1918 . Type species: Ambo perbranchiata Chamberlin, 1918, p. 177 , by priority.

Diagnosis (after Blake & Magalhães 2019): Prostomium wedge shaped, rounded on anterior margin, with or without eyespots. Body nearly round in cross-section, with segments distinct. Grooved tentacular filaments arising in two groups from the dorsum of two or more anterior chaetigers, posterior to chaetiger 1. Branchiae occurring singly or with several filaments per parapodium, individual branchial filaments robust, becoming more dorsal in origin in middle body segments, with each sometimes forming a dorsolateral bulge over notopodium. Setae including capillaries and acicular spines.

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