Cirriformia Hartman, 1936

Blake, James A. & Dean, Harlan K., 2019, New Species of Cirratulidae (Annelida, Polychaeta) from the Caribbean Sea, Zootaxa 4671 (3), pp. 301-338 : 326

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Cirriformia Hartman, 1936


Genus Cirriformia Hartman, 1936

Type Species: Terebella tentaculata Montagu, 1808 , designated by Hartman (1936).

Diagnosis. (after Magalhães et al. 2014). Prostomium elongate or blunt, usually without eyespots; peristomium with 2–3 annulations. Grooved tentacular filaments limited to 1–3 anterior segments, arising between setigers 2–7. Branchiae occur singly, usually first present from setiger 1, arising close to notopodia throughout, not shifting dorsally in middle body segments and not forming dorsolateral branchial bulges. Parapodia rami well separated. Setae include capillaries and acicular spines.