Yang, Ho Jin, Seo, Ji Eun & Gordon, Dennis P., 2018, Sixteen new generic records of Korean Bryozoa from southern coastal waters and Jeju Island, East China Sea: evidence of tropical affinities, Zootaxa 4422 (4), pp. 493-518: 505

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n. gen.

Jodoella  n. gen.

Type species. Jodoella koreensis  n. sp.

Etymology. Alluding to the provenance of the genus at Jodo Island, Korean South Sea.

Remarks. A new genus is established here for a species of Robertsonidridae  that has dimorphic orifices, enlarged ooecia and avicularia with a rounded rostrum. Like the genus Robertsonidra Osburn, 1952  , Jodoella  n. gen. has a non-pseudoporous granular-tubercular frontal shield, a pseudoporous granular-tubercular ooecium, a rounded orificial sinus and an avicularium with a cross-bar. Rosso in Rosso et al. (2010) established the new family Robertsonidridae  to accommodate this combination of characters but allowed inclusion of her monotypic new genus Bertorsonidra  , which shares this suite of morphologies except for frontal-shield pseudopores that are not densely distributed. Like the type species of Robertsonidra  , Bertorsonidra  also has short prop-like supports elevating the colony just above the substratum, but these structures are lacking in Jodoella  n. gen. Rosso et al. (2010) interpreted the ooecium as comprising a pseudoporous calcified endooecium and a membranous ectooecium that is continuous with the distal autozooidal epitheca, i.e. microporelliform in the terminology of Ostrovsky (2013). Superficially, Jodoella  resembles Powellitheca Di Martino, Taylor, Gordon & Liow, 2016  , an endemic New Zealand genus that also has dimorphic orifices and large microporelliform ooecia, but differs in having a pseudoporous frontal shield, convex proximal rim, small orificial condyles and avicularia lacking a crossbar.