Plinthisus (Plinthisus) longicollis Fieber, 1861

Ghahari, Hassan & Moulet, Pierre, 2012, An Annotated Catalog of the Iranian Lygaeoidea (excluding Berytidae and Piesmatidae) (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Pentatomomorpha), Zootaxa 3408, pp. 1-33: 17

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Plinthisus (Plinthisus) longicollis Fieber, 1861


Plinthisus (Plinthisus) longicollis Fieber, 1861 

Distribution in Iran. Fars (Linnavuori 2011).

General distribution. Holomediterranean, extending to Central Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. Comment. This is a very variable species. The nominate form lives in Western Europe and Maghreb; the form brevicollis Ferrari (= hungaricus Horváth) is an East European and Asian taxon. In Italy, Corsica, Sardegna, and Sicily intermediates exist ( Péricart 1998 b; Aukema & Rieger 2001).