Grubeulepis Pettibone, 1969

Cutrim, Allana Stéphanie Tavares, Praseres, Emanuelle Fernandes, Conceição, Jhully Mickaelly Vermont Silva, Almeida, Zafira Da S, 2018, New species of Grubeulepis Pettibone, 1969 (Eulepethidae, Annelida) from northern Brazil, Zootaxa 4441 (2), pp. 379-389: 380-381

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Grubeulepis Pettibone, 1969


Grubeulepis Pettibone, 1969 

Diagnosis. Short body with up to 40 segments, 12 pairs of elytra, dorsal cirri in segment 3 and 6, 10–14 pairs of branchiae and posterior lamellae first appearing between the segments 26 to 29.

Remarks. The above diagnosis of the genus Grubeulepis  is modified from that of Pettibone (1969) to accommodate the new species described below which has 14 pairs of branchiae (Pettibone’s diagnosis included species with 10–13 pairs of branchiae).