Muisca octonotata

Opitz, Pitz Pinola Weston, 2018, Classification, Natural History, and Evolution of the Subfamily Peloniinae O (Coleoptera: Cleroidea: Cleridae). Part IX. Taxonomic revision of the New World genus Muisca S, Linzer biologische Beiträge 50 (1), pp. 587-653 : 621

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Muisca octonotata


Muisca octonotata ( GORHAM, 1883) ( Figs 1, 21 View Figs 14-33 , 61, 80-91, 95, 114, 145)

Pelonium octonotatum GORHAM, 1883: 191. Lectotype. ♂. Here designated. Panama, Volcan de Chiriqui, 2-3000 ft., Champion (BMNH). Paralectotype: 1 specimen. Panamá: Provincia de Chiriquí, Volcán de Chiriquí, 2-3000 ft., Champion (BMNH). CORPORAAL 1950: 2. In the original description there is indication that Gorham saw more than one specimen. However, he did not tag one to be the name barer of this nominal species. Therefore, I invoke Recommendation 73F of the ICZN (1999) and designate a lectotype.

D i a g n o s i s: Within the M. octonotata group, two punctiform black spots are found at the center of the elytral disc in specimens of M. octonotata and in those of M. testaspilota. However, in M. octonotata specimens the spots aligned in a straight line, across the elytron. The spots are more obliquely positioned in specimens of M. testaspilota.

R e d e s c r i p t i o n: Size: Length 7.5 mm; width 2.1 mm. Form: As in Fig. 145 View Figs 145-148 . Color: Light castaneous, except each elytron with 4 black spots, 2 near the humeral angle, 2 at middle of disc. Head: Basal funicular antennomeres filiform, distal funicular antennomeres progressively shorter towards capitulum, capitulum about as long as combined length of funicular antennomeres, capitular antennomeres 9 and 10 oblong triangular ( Fig. 21 View Figs 14-33 ), antennomere 11 obovate; frons wider than width of eye (EW/FW 25/33). Thorax: Pronotum (Fig. 61) oblong (PW/PL 87/105), side margin with welldeveloped tubercle, disc subglabrous at middle; elytral asetiferous punctation striate to distal 2/3 rd (EL/EW 280/80). Abdomen: Pygidium subquadrate, distal margin sublinear; posterior margin of 6 th visible sternite broadly concave; aedeagus phallobase wide in basal half, tapered to lobe apices, phallic apex ( Fig. 114 View Figs 107-115 ) triangular.

V a r i a t i o n: Size: Length 4.0-7.0 mm; width 2-3.0 mm. Other than body size, the available specimens are quite homogeneous.

N a t u r a l h i s t o r y: Specimens were collected throughout the year at altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 meters; some with a black light, but most in a Malaise trap. Montane cloud forests seem to harbor many of these beetles.

D i s t r i b u t i o n ( Fig.95 View Figs 95 ): I examined 231 specimens: Costa Rica: Provincia de Guanacaste, Cacao Biological Station , 10°55'38''N 85°27'7'', 11-VII-2000, on vegetation, J. Ashe, R. Brooks, Z. Falin ; Southeast slopes of Volcán Cacao , 21-29-V-1991, 1000-1400 m, collector not noted ; idem,?- V-1990 ; idem,?- VII-1989 -?- III-1990, collector not noted ; idem, VI-1990, collector not noted ; idem,?- VII-1989, collector not noted ; idem, 25-IX-11-X-1990, 1000-1400 m, C. Chaves ; Southwestern slope of Volcán Cacao ,?- V-1991, Elfin Rainforest, collector not noted ; idem, 21-29- V-1991, F. Araya ; idem,?-XI-XII-1990, A. Guadamuz ; idem,?-XI-XII-1989, R. Blanco & C. Chavez ; idem,?- VII-1989, collector not noted ; 9 km S Sta. Cecillia ,?- VI-1991, P. Rios, 700 m ; Parque Nacional Guanacaste, 6-26-VI-1994, 1600 m, K. Taylor ; Provincia de Puntarenas, Las Cruces Biological Station , 8°47.14'N 87°52.58'W, 40- V-2004, 1330 m, J. S. Ashe, Z. Falin, I. Hinojosa GoogleMaps ; Monteverde ,?- XII-1990, E. Bello ; idem, Campbell’s bullpen, 20-V-1993, Steve Lingafelter ; idem,?- IX-1992, 1040 m, Z. Fuentes ; 23-VIII-13-IX-1995, 1670 m, E, Navarro; idem, 9-VII-1989. MV light, D. G. Furth ; Estación Biológica Monteverde , 10°19'40'' N 84°49'08''W, 9-VI-2001, 1540 m, at light, R. Anderson GoogleMaps ; Estación Biológica Las Alturas , 2 km NE Alturas, 08°56'56'' N 82°50'01''W, 10-VII-1999, 1520 m, upper montane cloud forest, R. Anderson GoogleMaps ; Monteverde Reserve , 23-VIII-1987, at light, H. & A. Howden ; Monteverde, Hotel Belmar , 6-IX-1998, C. W.& L. O’Brien ; Monteverde , 4-6-VI-1980, E. Giesbert ; Reserva de Monteverde , 27-29-V-1979, 5000 feet, J. M. & B. A. Campbell ; idem, 4-6-VI-1980, E. Giesbert ; idem, 27-II-1987, E. Giesbert ; Estación Pittier , 13-IX-1995, 1670 m, E. Navarro ; Las Tablas , 1.4 km SW Cerro Gemelos, 28-VII-7-VIII-1995, 1670 m, E. Navarro ; Monteverde , 1-20-IX-1982, 1400 m, C. Nagano & M. Hayes ; idem, 4-6-VI-1980, J. E. Wappes ; idem, 24-VII-1990, 1500 m, black light, Meredith & Powell ; idem, 20-V-1985, J. Doyen ; idem, 19-V-1985, 1300 m, J. Chemsak ; idem, 18-VIII-1987, 1500 H. & A. Howden ; idem, 21-V-1979, H. & A. Howden ; idem, 4-VI-1979, 1400 m, H. & A. Howden ; idem, 24-V-1985, A. J. Gilbert ; idem, 5-VII-1986, R. D. Cave ; Provincia de Cartago, Rio Aquiares, near Santa Cruz , 9 km NW Turrialba, 15-V-1985, 1500 m, black light, J. Powel & O. Opler ; Parque Nacional Tapanti , 9°45'.41''N 83°47'.5''W, 19- VII-2000, 1150 m, J. Sahe, R. Brooks, Z. Falin ; Provincia de San José, 7 km N Varablanca at Cascada de la Paz , 24-VI-1992, B. Ratcliffe, M. Jameson ; 2.4 km ENE San Gerando de Rivas, Cloudbridge Res. Cloudbridge North trail, 9°28.87'N 83°34.17'W, 11-VI-2004, 2000-2100 m, J. S. Ashe, Z. Falin. Panamá: Provincia de Chiriquí, 4 km S Jorge Arauz Biological Station , collection date not noted, Steve Lingafelter GoogleMaps ; Finca Hartmann, Trail coffee plantation, 8°.87685N 82°.73639W, 2-V-2013, 4853 feet, N. Franz. S. Flynn, Y. Aguirre ; idem, 8°.86141N 82°.22829W, 28-V-2013, 6932 feet, N. Franz. S. Flynn, Y. Aguirre ; idem, 8°.86141N 82°.74322W, 30-V-2013, 4853 feet, N. Franz. S. Flynn, Y. Aguirre ; Fortuna Forest Reserve, Devil’s Chin, 4.2 km S of STRI Ranger Station , 8°.69016N 82°.22829W, 25-V-2013, 4166 feet, N. Franz. S. Flynn, Y. Aguirre ; Fortuna STRI Station , 8°.73464N 82°.24015W, 26-V-2013, 3775 feet, S. Flynn ; Reserva La Fortuna, Estación Biológica , 08°43'18''N 82°14'17''W, 4-9-V-1999, 3900 feet, A. Gillogly & J. B. Woodley GoogleMaps ; idem, 27-28-VI-1996, 1150 m, Gillogly & Schaffer GoogleMaps ; 4 km E Boquete, Valle Palo Alto , 08°43'18''N 82°14'17''W, 29-VII-1999, J. Schaeffer GoogleMaps ; Volcán de Chiriquí, collection date not noted, 4000-6000 feet, Champion ; Las Lagunas , 4 km W Hato del Volcán, 24-V-73, 1360 m, H. Stockwell ; Fortuna , 08°44'N 82°15'W, 22-I-1977, H. Wolda GoogleMaps ; 4.7 km N Valle de las Minas , 3-8- VII-1997, J. Huether ; Hartmans Finca , 4-7-VII-1997, Wappes & Morris ; Totumas Lodge , 19-25- VI-2011, 1900 m, J. B. Heppner ; Mount Totumas , NW Volcán, 24-30-V-2014, 1900, J. B. Hepner ; Alto Lino, near Boquete , 18-V-1978, O’Briens & Marshall ; Fortuna , 82°15'W, 08°44'N, 16-V-1978, O’Briens & Marshall GoogleMaps ; Las Lagunas , 22-VII-1976, W. E. Clark ; 16 km N Hato del Volcán , 10-VIII-2000, beating roadside vegetation, intermix of lianas & verdure, W. Opitz ; Las Lagunas , 27-IV-1973, G. Ekis ; La Fortuna area , hydrological trail, 9-VI-1995, 1100 m, wet montane cloud forest, R. S. Anderson ; Las Lagunas , 4 km W Hato del Volcán, 08°51'N 82°36'W, 9-23-V-1977, 1720 m, H. & A. Howden GoogleMaps ; Provincia de Veraguas, Alto Oledra, Santa Fe , 22-23- V-2014, J. B. Heppner ; Specimens are deposited in ACMT, AMNH, ASUC, BMNH, CSCA, CNCI, CMNH, EMEC, FSCA, JMLC, JNRC, MNHN, USNM, WFBM, and WOPC .


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