Ammotrypanella McIntosh, 1879

Schüller, Myriam, 2008, New polychaete species collected during the expeditions ANDEEP I, II, and III to the deep Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean in the austral summers 2002 and 2005 — Ampharetidae, Opheliidae,, Zootaxa 1705, pp. 51-68: 54-55

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Ammotrypanella McIntosh, 1879


Genus Ammotrypanella McIntosh, 1879 

Type species: A. arctica McIntosh, 1879 Generic  rediagnosis. Body long and thin. Ventral groove along whole length of body. Prostomium bluntly rounded to conical with small palpode, peristomium indistinct. Eyes absent.

Anterior parapodia button shaped with long, bent chaetae arranged in tufts. Parapodia embedded into lateral groove in median region, becoming more distinct in posterior region. Parapodia with branchiae in third quarter of body. Posterior chaetae longer than median ones, stiff and straight. All chaetae simple.

Branchiae flat, wide at base, tapering to top.

Posterior end of body laterally flattened with chaetigers reduced in length. Pygidium with or without anal tube. Anal tube, if present, with or without ventral cirrus.