Balanophyllia malouinensis Squires, 1961

Schejter, L., Genzano, G., Pérez, C. D., Acuña, F., Cordeiro, R. T. S., Silva, R. A., Garese, A. & Bremec, C. S., 2020, Checklist of Benthic Cnidaria in the SW Atlantic Ocean (54 ºS- 56 ºS), Zootaxa 4878 (2), pp. 201-239 : 217

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4878.2.1

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Balanophyllia malouinensis Squires, 1961


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Material examined: BBB 2016: St. 12; St. 13; St. 16; St. 18; St. 21; St. 23; St. 25; St. 36. PD BB 2017: St. 13; St. 14; St. 16; St. 31; St. 33; St. 34; St. 43 ( Fig. 2H View FIGURE 2 ) (MACN-In: 41666, 41667, 41668, 41669, 41670, 41671, 41672, 41673).

Distribution: Off Tierra del Fuego, Malvinas / Falkland Islands and Scotia Ridge between Burdwood bank and South Georgia, Drake Passage off Cape Horn, off Isla Desolación, Chile, 53ºS ( Cairns 1982; Cairns et al. 2005).

Remarks: This species was the most common scleractinid coral of the studied region. The collected specimens presented several epibionts (cnidarians, crustaceans) and were also used as settlement substrate for other species in the area. See Schejter & Bremec (2019) for detailed information on Scleractinia collected during these expeditions.


Dutch Plant Protection Service, Culture Collection of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria


Buffalo Bill Museum

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