Hesiospina Imajima & Hartman 1964

Bonifácio, Paulo, Lelièvre, Yann & Omnes, Emmanuelle, 2018, A new species and phylogenetic insights in Hesiospina (Annelida, Hesionidae), Zootaxa 4441 (1), pp. 59-75: 63

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Hesiospina Imajima & Hartman 1964


Genus Hesiospina Imajima & Hartman 1964  .

Type species: Kefersteinia similis Hessle 1925  .

Diagnosis (based on Pleijel 1998, 2004): Number of segments variable. Prostomium about rectangular. Facial tubercle present or absent. Palps biarticuled; palpophores well developed; palpostyles ovoid or tapered. Median antenna absent; paired antenna present. Two pairs of eyes present or absent. Nuchal organs middorsally coalescing. Lip glands absent. Terminal ring of proboscis with more than 10 papillae; ventral incision absent; dorsal and ventral jaws plates present or absent. Enlarged dorsal cirri on segments 1–5, from segment 6 (chaetiger 1) dorsal cirri long; enlarged ventral cirri on segments 1–4. Protruding notopodial hooks present from median segments; notochaetae absent. Neuropodial lobe and neurochaetae present from segment 5 (chaetiger 1); blades of compound neurochaetae with uni- or bidentate tips. Ventral cirri inserted subdistally. Pygidium as a simple ring or cone with pair of anal cirri.