Timomenus jacobsoni Borelli, 1927: 78,

Miles, Claire, 2015, The Earwig Collection (Dermaptera) of the Manchester Museum, UK, with a complete type catalogue, European Journal of Taxonomy 141, pp. 1-138: 65

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Timomenus jacobsoni Borelli, 1927: 78


Timomenus jacobsoni Borelli, 1927: 78  , fig. 10.

Type material

1 ♂, 1 ♀, syntypes, F3233.1869; 1 ♂, syntype, F3233.1870; dried, mounted on card.

Locality labels

F3233.1869: Fort de Kock / (Sumatra) 920. M. / 1925 / leg. E. Jacobson.

F3233.1870: Anei Kloof / (Sumatra’s West / Kust) 500 M 1925 / leg. E. Jacobson.


Forficulidae  , Opisthocosmiinae  , Timomenus jacobsoni Borelli, 1927  .


Brindle (1968f: 246) considered T. jacobsoni  to be a lighter form of T. bicuspis (Stål, 1860)  ; however, Steinmann (1982b) presents T. jacobsoni  as a species in its own right. In the original description, Borelli referred to 4 specimens examined: 1 ♂ with data as F3233.1870, and 2 ♂♂ and 1 ♀ with data as F3233.1869 except the date 1924. He did not designate a holotype and it appears therefore that all four specimens should be considered syntypes. According to Steinmann (1982b: 365), 1 ♂ was held at Museo ed Istituto di Zoologia Sistematoca, Torino, which Steinmann appears to have designated the holotype (‘without penis’, although the male genitalia are figured in Steinmann’s description).