Skalistes lucasi Brindle, 1974a: 5,

Miles, Claire, 2015, The Earwig Collection (Dermaptera) of the Manchester Museum, UK, with a complete type catalogue, European Journal of Taxonomy 141, pp. 1-138: 74

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Skalistes lucasi Brindle, 1974a: 5


Skalistes lucasi Brindle, 1974a: 5  , figs 1–4.

Type material

4 ♂♂, paratypes, F3233.1785–1788; 4 ♀♀, paratypes, F3233.1789–1792; dried, mounted on pin.

Locality labels

F3233.1785, F3233.1789: Mexico: Chiapas-Oaxaca / border, 21 km W. Rizo / de Oro along ridge SE Cerro Baul, 1615 m. / 8-IX-1972, K. E. Lucas / within Tillandisa sp.

F3233.1791: Same data except ‘within Tillandsia guatamalensis  / specimen #: B3-’.

F3233.1786: Same data except ‘within Vriesia  sp’.

F3233.1792: Same data except ‘within epiphytic Vriesia  sp. / specimen #: B3-’.

F3233.1787–1788, F3233.1790: Same data as F233.1792 except date 8 Jan. 1973.


Forficulidae  , Forficulinae  , Skalistes lucasi Brindle, 1974  .