Anechura bituberculata Brindle, 1966e: 43,

Miles, Claire, 2015, The Earwig Collection (Dermaptera) of the Manchester Museum, UK, with a complete type catalogue, European Journal of Taxonomy 141, pp. 1-138: 33

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Anechura bituberculata Brindle, 1966e: 43


Anechura bituberculata Brindle, 1966e: 43  , figs 20–22.

Type material

2 ♂♂, paratypes, F3233.1721–1722; dried, mounted on card.

Locality labels

F3233.1721: Récolté dans / prairie sèche / avec buissons. // I.R.S.A.C.-Mus. Congo / Kivu: Terr. Mwenga, sud Lac / Lungwe, 2750 m. III-1953 / N. Leleup – G Marlier.

F3233.1722: I.R.S.A.C.-Mus. Congo / Kivu: Terr. Uvira, Ht Luvubu, 2750 m. (humus) / N. Leleup V-1954.


Forficulidae  , Forficulinae  , Guanchia bituberculata (Brindle, 1966)  .


1. Transferred by Steinmann (1993: 560).

2. In the original description, the locality of the specimen matching F3233.1721 is given as Lac Longwe, not Lac Lungwe and date as 1958, not 1953. For F3233.1722, locality given as Ht Lambo in original description, not Ht Luvubu as on specimen label.