Vandex hincksi Brindle, 1966c: 44,

Miles, Claire, 2015, The Earwig Collection (Dermaptera) of the Manchester Museum, UK, with a complete type catalogue, European Journal of Taxonomy 141, pp. 1-138: 61

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Vandex hincksi Brindle, 1966c: 44


Vandex hincksi Brindle, 1966c: 44  , figs 5–6, 9.

Type material

3 ♂♂, paratypes, F3233.1624–1626; 2 ♀♀, paratypes, F3233.1627–1628; dried, mounted on card.

Locality labels

F3233.1624: Coll. Mus. Congo / Ruanda: Rutovu, for. du / Rugege, 2350 m. / P. Basilewsky 20/23-I-53. F3233.1625–1627: Récolté dans / l’humus / (forêt Hagenia). // I.R.S.A.C.-Mus. Congo / Kivu: T. Kabare, contr. / S. E. du Kahuzi, / 13-VIII-1951 / N. Leleup.

F3233.1628: Récolté dans / l’humus. // I.R.S.A.C.- Mus. Congo / Kivu: Terr. Lubero / 2.200 m. 27-XI- 1951 / N. Leleup / (for. mont. avec bamb.).


Spongiphoridae  , Vandicinae  , Vandex hincksi Brindle, 1966  .


1. Index card entry: Africa, Zaire, Ruanda, Burundi borders, Kivu Province.

2. With regard to the locality of F3233.1624, Brindle (1966c: 46) states ‘This species was incorrectly recorded by the late Dr. W.D. Hincks in 1955 as V. schubotzi  , on a series from the Rugege Forest, Ruanda. Only a pair from this series is now available, but these clearly belong to the present species.’