Macrosiphum dryopteridis (Holman, 1959),

Albrecht, Anders Christian, 2015, Identification guide to Nordic aphids associated with mosses, horsetails and ferns (Bryophyta, Equisetophyta, Polypodiophyta) (Insecta, Hemiptera, Aphidoidea), European Journal of Taxonomy 145, pp. 1-55: 43

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Macrosiphum dryopteridis (Holman, 1959)


Macrosiphum dryopteridis (Holman, 1959) 

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Aptera 2.5–4.2 mm, yellowish green (rarely bright green). Eyes black. Abd. dorsum sclerotised (but neither darkened nor distinctly glossy), segmental borders obliterated. Siphunculi slightly swollen distally. Ant. segment 3 with 0–10 rhinaria. RIV+V less than 0.14 mm. Holocyclic, monoecious. Shady places, parks, gardens, mixed and deciduous forests. Not ant-attended.

Recorded hosts

Athyriaceae  : Athyrium distentifolium  , A. filix-femina  *; Cystopteridaceae  : Gymnocarpium dryopteris  , G. robertianum  ; Dennstaedtiaceae  : Pteridium aquilinum  ; Dryopteridaceae  : Dryopterix carthusiana  *, D. cristata  *, D. dilatata  , D. filix-mas  ; Polypodiaceae  : Polypodium vulgare  ; Thelypteridaceae  : Phegopteris connectilis  , Thelypteris palustris  .


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