Liocrobyla lobata Kuroko, 1960

Jiang, Yurong, Zhao, Yang, Wang, Encui, Zhang, Tongyou & Liu, Tengteng, 2021, Taxonomic review on Acrocercopinae, Gracillariinae and Ornixolinae from Shandong, China, with new data on distribution and host associations (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), Zoological Systematics 46 (3), pp. 240-257 : 252-253

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Liocrobyla lobata Kuroko, 1960


Liocrobyla lobata Kuroko, 1960 View in CoL ( Figs 2D View Figure 2 , 4D View Figure 4 )

Liocrobyla lobata Kuroko, 1960: 5 View in CoL ; Kuroko, 1982: 184; Park, 1983: 62; Liu et al. 2018: 307. TL: Japan (Kyushu). TD: ELKU.

Diagnosis. This species resembles L. desmodiella Kuroko, 1982 in the general appearance of the forewing patterns, but can be distinguished from the latter by the brownish-grey forewing ground color, the ninth tergite of the male lacking sclerotized lines and the valva almost parallel-sided and bearing straight spines apically in the male genitalia. In L. desmodiella , the forewing ground colour is blackish-grey, the ninth tergite of the male bears a pair of sclerotized lines originated from the middle of the posterior margin, the valva has a remarkable concave at distal 1/4 and bears a small ventroapical hook.

Description. Adult. Wingspan 6.2−6.6mm. Head white on frons and face, tinged blackish fuscous on base of antennae, vertex white, with a brownish-grey median line. Maxillary palpus black mixed with white. Labial palpus white, black on distal part of second segment, with a black spot on middle of third segment ventrally. Antennae brownish grey with darker rings. Thorax yellowish fuscous, tegula brownish grey. Forewing ground colour brownish grey, darker towards costa, a white stripe from costal 1/3 to before 1/2, then curved downwards to near tornus; two white stripes beyond distal 1/3 and 2/5 on costa obliquely to middle of wing; two longitudinal striae near apex, with costal one indistinct, one white spot on tornus; a white stripe along dorsum from base to tornus, partially edged with black scales and largely covered by brownish-fuscous scales on dorsum; cilia white with two black lines around apex, grey on dorsum. Abdomen light fuscous dorsally, white ventrally.

Male genitalia. Tegumen slender, almost parallel-sided. Vinculum narrowly triangular. Valva almost parallel-sided, bears some 15-minute teeth along dorsal margin and two longer ventro-apical spines. Phallus shorter than length of valva, slightly curved before middle, a membranous part on distal 1/4 ventrally, with a pointed long process and numerous granules on membrane, apex pointed. Paired clusters of slender scales and black short scales on membrane between seventh and eighth terga. Ninth segment with tergite heart-shaped, a line of slender scales along lateral side.

Material examined. Shandong: 4♂, Mt. Kunyu National Nature Reserve , Yantai, 121.740°E, 37.292°N, 400 m, 2017.VII.18, leaf mines collected on Pueraria montana var. lobata , emerged vii.29, leg. Tengteng Liu & Zhenquan Gao, genitalia slide nos. LIU0028, registration nos. SDNU. YT17170702.3 6 GoogleMaps ; 1♀, Mt. Fu , Qingdao, 2019.VII.05, leaf mines collected on Pueraria montana var. lobata , emerged VII.21, leg. Tengteng Liu & Zhongfeng Jiang, registration nos. SDNU. Ent 003566 .

Host plant. Pueraria montana var. lobata (Fabaceae) .

Distribution. China (Shandong) (Liu et al., 2018), Korea ( Park, 1983), Japan ( Kuroko, 1960).














Liocrobyla lobata Kuroko, 1960

Jiang, Yurong, Zhao, Yang, Wang, Encui, Zhang, Tongyou & Liu, Tengteng 2021

Liocrobyla lobata

Park 1983: 62
Kuroko 1982: 184
Kuroko 1960: 5
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