Cymbidium motuoense W.Hu, Q.Zhang & Z.J.Liu, 2021

Hu, Wenqi, Zhang, Qinghai, Chen, Guizhen, Zhu, Mengjia, Yu, Xia, Zhang, Diyang & Liu, Zhongjian, 2021, Cymbidium motuoense (Orchidaceae; Epidendroideae), a new species from China: evidence from morphological and molecular data, Phytotaxa 509 (1), pp. 106-112 : 110-111

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.509.1.5


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Cymbidium motuoense W.Hu, Q.Zhang & Z.J.Liu

spec. nov.

Cymbidium motuoense W.Hu, Q.Zhang & Z.J.Liu , spec. nov. (DZDzẍ*兰) ( Figs 2 View FIGURE 2 , 3 View FIGURE 3 )

Type:— CHINA. Xizang (Ʊ̊): Motuo (ḆÊ), 2760 m, tree trunks and branches in forests and rocks by streamside, 14 Nov 2020, Hu001 (holotype: FAFU!) .

The new species similar to C. tracyanum L.Castle but differs in having yellow-green flowers with dark purple-red spots on veins, oblongelliptic sepals, lip side lobes with reddish-brown hairs along the veins and disc composed of three purple-red lamellae with long, purple-red hairs.

Epiphytic and lithophytic herbs. Pseudobulbs ellipsoid-ovoid or oblong-ovoid, 5–11 × 2–5 cm, mostly enclosed in persistent leaf bases. Leaves 4–7, lorate, 52.0–73.0 × 2.2–2.8 cm, apex acute, articulated 6–10 cm from the base. Scape arising from within the sheaths at the base of the pseudobulb, arching or suberect, 60–82 cm long; inflorescence with 7–9 flowers; floral bracts ovate-triangular, 3–5 mm long; pedicel and ovary 4–6 cm long; flowers 10–12 cm across, fragrant; sepals and petals yellowish green to olive-green, with many dark red-brown spots on veins; lip pale yellow with dark red-brown veins on the side lobes and vertical lines and scattered spots of the same colour on the midlobe; dorsal sepal oblong-elliptic, 5.2–5.4 × 1.8–2.2 cm, apex acute; lateral sepals oblique and twisted, 5.2–5.4 × 1.8–2.2 cm; petals falcate, 5.5–5.8 × 1.1–1.2 cm; lip ovate-elliptic in outline, 4.5–5.0 cm long, trilobed, base fused to the basal margins of the column for 4–5mm; side lobes erect, long-ciliate, with reddish brown hairs along the veins; midlobe elliptic, recurved, adaxially scatteredly hairy and with long suberect hairs 5–6 mm long on the lamellae; disc with three lamellae with long, purple-red hairs; column 3.5–4.0 cm long, arcuate, margins winged, ventrally minutely papillose below the middle; pollinia 2, deltoid, cleft, 3–4 mm long. Capsule ellipsoid, 7–8 cm long, 3–4 cm in diameter.

Etymology:—Referring to the area where the species was found.

Phenology:— Flowering September–April.

Distribution:— Southeastern Xizang, China.

Habitat:— Tree trunks and branches in forests and rocks by streamside at 2760 m.


University of Copenhagen