Afidentula siamensis (Dieke, 1947) Dieke, 1947

Wang, Xingmin, Tomaszewska, Wioletta & Ren, Shunxiang, 2015, A contribution to Asian Afidentula Kapur (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae, Epilachnini), ZooKeys 516, pp. 35-48 : 41

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Afidentula siamensis (Dieke, 1947)

comb. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Coccinellidae

Afidentula siamensis (Dieke, 1947) comb. n. Figures 2, 5

Afissa siamensis Dieke, 1947: 127.

Afidenta siamensis : Pang and Mao 1979: 119; Cao 1992: 221; Ren et al. 2009: 250.


This species is most similar to Afidentula dentata and Afidentula stephensi (known from India and Pakistan) but can be distinguished from both by having pronotum with two large black oval spots, apex of penis with small sharp process directed outwardly (Fig. 2 a–c, 2l) and apex of penis guide curved outwardly (Fig. 2 m–n).


TL: 4.0-4.3 mm, TW: 3.0-3.7 mm, TH: 1.8-2.1 mm, TL/TW: 1.16-1.33; PL/PW: 0.35-0.36; EL/EW: 0.97-1.13; HW/TW: 0.30; PW/TW: 0.77.

Body short oval, dorsum strongly convex, densely pubescent (Fig. 2 a–c). Head yellowish brown. Pronotum yellowish brown except anterior corners yellowish white, with two large black, triangularly-oval spots. Scutellum yellowish brown. Elytra yellowish brown, with 14 rounded black spots, arranged as in Fig. 2 a–c. Underside yellowish brown, except metaventrite and middle area of abdomen black. Epipleura and legs yellow.

Head with frontal punctures moderately large and densely distributed, 0.8-1.0 diameters apart, associated with scattered long setae; interocular distance 0.64 times head width (Fig. 2c). Pronotal disk with fine and densely distributed punctures, distinctly smaller than those on head, 2.0-4.0 diameters apart. Elytra dually punctate; large punctures 1.0-6.0 diameters apart and small ones 1.0-4.0 diameters apart. Surfaces of prosternum and mesoventrite shagreened, with scattered short setae. Metaventrite broad with fine and densely distributed punctures, 2.0-4.0 diameters apart.

Male genitalia. Penis short and stout, strongly curved at base, apex with small and sharp process directed inwardly, capsule inconspicuous (Figs 2l). Tegmen stout (Fig. 2 m–n); penis guide in lateral view widest at base and narrowing to apex, strongly curved outwardly at apical 1/4, apex pointed (Fig. 2m); parameres slender, distinctly shorter than penis guide (Fig. 2m); penis guide in ventral view flattened and asymmetrical at apex, lateral margins almost parallel, apex blunt (Fig. 2n).

Female terminalia and genitalia. Proctiger (TX) triangularly pointed at apex. Coxites oval, without styli, apical margin with several setae. (Fig. 2o). Spermatheca not studied.

Specimens examined.

Holotype. Nan, Siam, Jan. 27/28, Cockerell/ Type No. 57138 USNM/ Afissa siamensis Dieke, holotype.

CHINA, Yunnan Prov.: 1 male, Jiluoshan, Xishuangbanna National Natural Reserve, Mengla County, 6.v.2009, Wang XM et al. leg; 1 female, Lafu, Menglian County, 1130m, 7.v.2008, Wang XM et al. leg; Guizhou Prov.: 3 males, Dadugang, Badu Town, Ceheng County, 15.x.2006, Wang XM leg.


China: Guizhou, Yunnan; Thailand.


Pang and Mao (1979) transferred Afissa siamensis Dieke into Afidenta without any explanation. However, a detailed examination of Afidenta siamensis and Afidenta misera left no doubt that they do not belong to a same genus, and that diagnostic characters of Afidenta siamensis match Afidentula . Thus this species in formally transfered to the genus Afidentula .