Fricke, Ronald, Allen, Gerald R., Andréfouët, Serge, Chen, Wei-Jen, Hamel, Mélanie A., Laboute, Pierre, Mana, Ralph, Hui, Tan He, 2014, Checklist of the marine and estuarine fishes of Madang District, Papua New Guinea, western Pacific Ocean, with 820 new records, Zootaxa 3832 (1), pp. 1-247: 48

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Fistularia commersonii Rüppell, 1838  —Red cornetfish, serrate flutemouth

STATUS AT MADANG. New record from Madang; previously reported as Fistularia villosa  (non Klunzinger, 1871) by Duncker & Mohr (1925: 4) and Herre (1933: 12). Specimens photographed at St. CTR 0 7, and by P. Laboute on 4 Dec. 2012. AMS and SU material ( AMS I. 16746 -002, I. 16748 -002, I. 19695 -010; SU 28232). DISTRIBUTION AND HABITAT. Red Sea, East and South Africa east to Panama, north to southern Japan and Ogasawara Islands, south to northern New Zealand; also southeastern Atlantic Ocean. Found above soft bottoms adjacent to coral and rocky reefs, at depths of 1– 128 m. Marine.