Anadolua burri Karabağ, 1952

Ünal, Mustafa, 2018, Tettigoniinae (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from Turkey with key to genera and descriptions of six new species, Zootaxa 4432 (1), pp. 1-66: 14-15

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Anadolua burri Karabağ, 1952


Anadolua burri Karabağ, 1952 

(Figs. 3, 25, 34–36, 219–224)

Anadolua rammei Karabağ, 1952b: 143  syn. nov.

Material examined. TURKEY: Anatolia, Denizli Prov. (Caria), Babadağ (Cadmus), 1700–1900 m, 24.8.1950, 1

male (Holotype), 2 females (Paratypes) (leg. P.H. Davis) (NHMUK); Adana, Pozantı, Bulgar Dag, 2700 m, 2.9.1949, 2 males (leg. P.H. Davis) (Paratypes) (NHMUK); Anatolien, [Konya], Aksehir-Göl, 1.10.1934, 1 female (leg. Fuss) (paratype of A. schwarzi  and holotype of A. rammei  ) (MfN); Konya, Seydişehir, Taraşcı, Rezebeli, 1960 m, 2.9.2015, 2 males, plus 1 male in alcohol, 1960–1990 m, 3.9.2015, 2 males, 2 females, plus 1 male, 1 female in alcohol; Karaman, Oyuklu Dağı, 2100 m, 7.9.2015, 3 males, plus 1 male in alcohol; Sivas, Gürün, Ziyaret Geçidi, 1900 m, 9.9.2013, 1 male, 2 females, in alcohol, 1900–2000 m, 13.9.2016, 1 female; Antalya, Gömbe, Akdağ, 2035 m, 20.9.2011, 4 males, 3 females; Antalya, Gündoğmuş, Geyik Dağları, Namaras-Karabul yaylası, 2120–2200 m, 20.9.2017, 4 males, 2 females, plus 2 males, 3 females in alcohol; Antalya, Gündoğmuş, Geyik Dağları, Susambeli, 2300 m, 20.9.2017, 3 males, 2 females, plus 4 males, 3 females in alcohol; Antalya, Gündoğmuş, Geyik Dağları, Namaras-Susambeli, 2200–2330 m, 14.7.2017, 4 males nymph (in alcohol); İçel, Anamur, Taşeli Platosu, Koçpazarı, 2200 m, 22.9.2017, 2 males, 2 females, plus 2 males, 2 females in alcohol; Niğde, Darboğaz, Bolkar Dağları, Kapıgöl, 2820 m, 24.9.2017, 6 males, 1 female, plus 3 males, 2 females in alcohol (leg. M. Ünal) (AİBÜEM).

Remarks. Karabağ (1952b) described A. rammei  after a single female which was the paratype of A. schwarzi Ramme, 1939  . Karabağ (1952b) separated it from A. schwarzi  by the subgenital plate and short ovipositor, but did not compare the other species except for the measurements. This female is included in A. burri  when it is compared the rich material studied here. Therefore I propose the synonymy of A. rammei  with this species here.

It was very surprising for me when I found this species in the Ziyaret Pass in Sivas Province, far from the type locality. Later I carried out some field trips to see the connection between both ends of the distribution area. I saw that this species is widely distributed from Denizli to Sivas along the Taurus Mountain ridges at high altitudes. Taxonomically there is no difference between the populations. All the characteristics such as titillators, cerci, last tergite, subgenital plate, pronotum of both sexes, ovipositor closely agree in all populations.














Anadolua burri Karabağ, 1952

Ünal, Mustafa 2018


Anadolua rammei Karabağ, 1952b : 143

Karabağ, 1952b : 143