Gymnotus carapo carapo,

Albert, James S., 2017, Revision of the polytypic electric fish Gymnotus carapo (Gymnotiformes, Teleostei), with descriptions of seven subspecies, Zootaxa 4318 (3), pp. 401-438: 427-428

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Gymnotus carapo carapo

New Subspecies

Gymnotus carapo carapo  New Subspecies

Figure 3View FIGURE 3 C, Tables 3 and 4

Syntypes: NRM 64 (1), 262 mm; NRM 8224 (1), 331 mm; UUZM Linn. coll. 56 (1), 293 mm. Collected in the first half of the 18th Century near Paramaribo, Suriname (Lönnberg 1896:23; Fernholm & Wheeler 1983:216–217; Wheeler 1991:162–163, fig. 6).

Non-Types: MCZ 31219View Materials (1), 262 mm, Suriname (exact locality unknown)  . UMMZ 190414, 260 mm, Suriname, Brokopondo, Suriname River, Tapeoeripa creek near Brokopondo village (05°04’N, 054°58’W)GoogleMaps  . UMMZ 190414View Materials (5), 71–214 mm, Suriname, Brokopondo, Suriname River, Tapeoeripa creek near. Brokopondo village (05°04’N, 054°58’W)GoogleMaps  . USNM 225274View Materials (8), 81–318 mm, Suriname, Nickerie, Lucie River, upstream of Amotopo-Camp Geologie Rd. (03°36’N, 57°37’W)GoogleMaps  . USNM 225275View Materials (11), 81–270 mm, Suriname, Nickerie, Corantijn River , 350 m downstream from Wilhelm II falls (03°34’N, 057°15’W)GoogleMaps  . USNM 225276View Materials (16), 75–148 mm, Suriname, Nickerie, Corantijn River, Dalbana Creek, ca. 3 km upstream from Amotopo –Camp Geologie Rd. (04°20’N, 057°37’W)GoogleMaps  . USNM 225284View Materials (10), 54–143 mm, Suriname, Nickerie, Corantijn River, Lana Creek , ca. 4 km from intersection with W. Corantijn River (05°28’N, 057°15’W)GoogleMaps  . USNM 225285View Materials (12), 85–257 mm, Suriname, Nickerie, Corantijn River, creek south of Matapi, approx. 2 km downstream of Cow Falls (04°59’N, 057°38’W)GoogleMaps  . USNM 225286View Materials (15), 80–319 mm, Suriname, Nickerie, Corantijn River, Koekwie creek (05°31’N, 057°10’W)GoogleMaps  . USNM 225290View Materials (19), 14–157 mm, Suriname, Nickerie, Corantijn River, Dalibane Creek , Camp Dacclemmen (05°34’N, 057°11’W)GoogleMaps  . USNM 225297View Materials (14), 53–137 mm, Suriname, Nickerie, Corantijn River, stream on S. side Lucie River (03°35’N, 057°39’W)GoogleMaps  . UF 180165View Materials (6), 185–337 mm, Suriname, Para, Kola Kreek aff. Para River (05°27’8.820”N, 055°14’42.060”W)GoogleMaps  . UF 180169View Materials (5), 182–340 mm, Suriname, Brokopondo, Marshall Kreek, aff. Suriname River (05°14’24.9”N, 055°05’58.6”W)GoogleMaps  . UF 180173View Materials (11), 34–72 mm; UF 180175View Materials (2), 65–219 mm, Suriname, Marowijne, Cottica Rivier, aff. Commewijne River (05°35.21’N, 054°17.11’W)GoogleMaps  .

Description: Specimens of G. carapo  from Suriname overlap substantially in morphometric and meristic PCspace with specimens from other localities ( Figures 4View FIGURE 4, 5View FIGURE 5, and 12). Gymnotus carapo carapo  is characterized by the following combination of statistically significant (p <0.01) traits when compared to the rest of the species as a whole (see Principal Components Analyses and t-tests): long preorbital distance (PR 31.4%–40.2% HL, mean 36.3% vs. 28.0%–39.4%, mean 34.6% in all other subspecies) and wide mouth (MW 33.6%–47.6% HL, mean 43.0% vs. 32.2%–49.0%, mean 40.2% in all other subspecies).

Distribution: Known from Atlantic coastal drainages of Suriname and French Guiana, including the Brokopondo, Nickerie, and Suriname districts of Suriname in the Lucie, Suriname, and Corantijn rivers, and all departments of French Guiana ( Figure 2View FIGURE 2 B).

Etymology: Subspecific epithet derived from the specific epithet.


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