Styrax zhejiangensis Hwang (Hwang 1983: 75)

Ruan, Yu-Qing, Yu, Yu-Long, Yu, Fen, Deng, Guo-Xing, Liu, Yu-Lin, Wu, Xue-Hui & Tang, Ming, 2019, Reinstatement of the Chinese endemic species Styrax zhejiangensis, PhytoKeys 133, pp. 105-113 : 105

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Styrax zhejiangensis Hwang (Hwang 1983: 75)


Styrax zhejiangensis Hwang (Hwang 1983: 75) Fig. 1A View Figure 1 , 3 View Figure 3 , 5A1, B1, C1, D1 View Figure 5


CHINA. Zhejiang: Jiande, northeast of Long River, along stream, 27 June 1958, X. Y. He 29344 (lectotype, here designated, IBSC0002732!; isolectotype IBSC0497542!; isolectotype HHBG-HZ044271!; isolectotype NAS00072216!).


Shrubs, 1.5 –3(– 7) m tall, often branched at base, deciduous. Branchlets subterete, brown to grayish brown, glabrous. Leaves alternate but subopposite on basal part of branchlet; leaf blade broadly elliptic to ovate-oblong, 2.5-8.0 × 2.0-5.0 cm, papery, adaxially glabrous, abaxially glabrous but veins sparsely stellate-villous, base broadly cuneate to rounded, margin denticulate to subentire, apex acute, secondary veins 5 to 10 pairs, tertiary veins reticulate; adaxially plane or slightly sunken, abaxially raised. Petiole: those of upper leaves 1-3 mm, those of middle nearly sessile. Pedicel 7-13 mm long, densely white-stellate-tomentose; Flowers solitary, axillary, opening simultaneously with leaves. Calyx 5-8 × 5-10 mm, membranaceous; teeth 5 or 6, deltoid, unequal, 1.0-2.5 mm, apex white-glandular-dotted. Corolla diameter 4.0-5.5 cm, white, tube 3-4 mm long; lobes 6 to 8, elliptic-obovate, 1.8-2.7 × 1.0-1.6 cm. Stamens 13 to 16, 10-12 mm long, shorter than corolla; filaments 5-8 mm long, basally densely white-stellate-pubescent; anthers 4-5 mm long. Fruit solitary, axillary, ovoid, 1.8-2.0 × 1.0-1.2 cm, densely gray-stellate-pubescent, apex shortly pointed. Seeds ovoid-ellipsoid, irregularly rugose, sparsely or densely white-stellate-pubescent.

Distribution and habitat.

Styrax zhejiangensis is only found in Jiande, Zhejiang Province, distributed in Taohuawu, Long River Forest Area ( Fig. 2 View Figure 2 ). It grows in sparse forests or at forest margins at elevations between 130 and 230 m a.s.l.


Flowering in early April and fruiting in August and September.

Additional specimens examined.

CHINA. Zhejiang: Jiande, G.Y. Li et al. L 0150 (PE); G.Y. Li et al. L 0154 (PE); Y.Q. Ruan & Y.L. Liu RL 31 (JXAU); Y.Q. Ruan & Y.L. Liu RL 46 (JXAU).