Pseudopoda yunnanensis ( Yang and Hu, 2001 ) Yang and Hu, 2001

Jäger, Peter & Vedel, Vincent, 2007, Sparassidae of China 4. The genus Pseudopoda (Araneae: Sparassidae) in Yunnan Province, Zootaxa 1623, pp. 1-38 : 17

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Pseudopoda yunnanensis ( Yang and Hu, 2001 )

comb. nov.

Pseudopoda yunnanensis ( Yang and Hu, 2001) View in CoL comb. n.

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Sinopoda yunnanensis Yang and Hu, 2001: 18 , figs 1–3 (male holotype, Dali, Cangshan, 25°47'N, 99°57'E, Yunnan Province, China, 6 June 1999, Z. Yang, LSSU; 1 male paratype with same data as holotype, LSSU; 1 male paratype with same data as holotype, DBDNC). Types were requested, but without success; not examined.

Diagnosis. Small-sized Heteropodinae. Males can be recognised by the following combination of characters ( Figs 60–62 View FIGURES 60 – 65. 60 – 62 ): 1. Embolus long, slightly s-shaped, 2. RTA arising basally from TI, with characteristic tip of dorsal part.

Description. Male (holotype). PL 4.3, PW 3.5, OL 4.7, OW 3.1. Embolus arising in 7.30-o’clock-position from tegulum ( Fig 88 View FIGURES 79 – 90 ). For further description see Yang and Hu (2001).

Females unknown.

Distribution. Only known from the type locality (11 in Fig. 137 View FIGURE 137 ). According to GPS data given in the original description, the species occurs about 20 km NW of the type localities of P. rivicola sp. n., P. cangschana sp. n. and P. daliensis sp. n. The latter species are abundant on the east side of the 4000 m high Cang Shan mountain chain (in direction of the lake Er Hai), whereas P. yunnanensis comb. n. was recorded in the valley of Yangbi. High mountains as isolating barriers are known from Nepal-Himalaya (Jäger 2001), although few Pseudopoda species live in altitudes of 3800 m.

Relationships. Yang and Hu (2001) placed this species in Sinopoda Jäger, 1999 and compared it with S. altissima (Hu & Li 1987) . From the illustrations it is clear that males do not exhibit one of the characteristic structures of the male palp of Sinopoda spp. On the contrary, the conformation of the embolus and the RTA clearly show congenerity with Pseudopoda . From its simple embolus the species could have affinities to P. bibulba and P. yinae sp. n., however, the arising point in P. yunnanensis comb. n. is shifted considerably to the proximal part of the tegulum. Similar forms are known to the senior author from Gongga Shan, Sichuan. Species of this Chinese Province will be treated in a separate publication.














Pseudopoda yunnanensis ( Yang and Hu, 2001 )

Jäger, Peter & Vedel, Vincent 2007

Sinopoda yunnanensis

Yang 2001: 18
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