Guadana Rheims, 2010a

Rheims, Cristina A., 2021, The Neotropical genera Guadana Rheims, 2010 and Sparianthina Banks, 1929 (Araneae: Sparassidae: Heteropodinae), Zootaxa 5061 (3), pp. 401-431 : 402

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.5061.3.1

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Guadana Rheims, 2010a


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Guadana Rheims, 2010a: 33 View in CoL View Cited Treatment (Type species Guadana manauara Rheims View in CoL by original designation).

Emended diagnosis. Species of Guadana Rheims resemble those of Sparianthina Banks in having intermarginal denticles arranged in a row; two pairs of ventral spines on tibiae I−II and one lateral spine on each side of metatarsi I−II (see Jäger et al. 2009: figs 10, 33; Rheims 2010a: fig. 7); and male palps with a strong dorsal tegular apophysis (DTA) ( Figs 57−66 View FIGURES 57−66 , 94−102 View FIGURES 94−102 ); female palp with a long-toothed claw ( Jäger et al. 2009: figs 13, 64). They are distinguished from those of the latter genus by the male palps with DTA acutely tapering ( Figs 57−66 View FIGURES 57−66 ); embolus with basal projection absent or at the prolateral side of the embolus ( Figs 67−76 View FIGURES 67−76 ) (DTA roundly blunt or distally widened, basal projection at the retrolateral or ventral side of the embolus in Sparianthina ) and by the female vulva with glandular projection absent and fertilization ducts short (e.g., Figs 5 View FIGURES 1−5 , 30 View FIGURES 29−33 , 47 View FIGURES 43−47 ) (glandular projection present and fertilization ducts long in Sparianthina ).

Description. See Rheims (2010a).

Distribution. North and northwestern South America, with records from French Guiana, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru ( Figs 81−82 View FIGURES 81−82 ).

Composition. Twelve species: Guadana alpahuayo sp. n.; G. amendoin sp. n.; G. arawak sp. n.; G. manauara ; G. mapia sp. n.; G. muirapinima sp. n.; G. neblina ; G. panguana ; G. quillu ; G. tambopata ; G. ucayali sp. n.; G. urucu .












Guadana Rheims, 2010a

Rheims, Cristina A. 2021


Rheims, C. A. 2010: 33
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