Mytilus herculeus, , Mytilus,

Appolloni, Massimo, Smriglio, Carlo, Amati, Bruno, Lugliè, Lorenzo, Nofroni, Italo, Tringali, Lionello P., Mariottini, Paolo & O, 2018, Catalogue of the primary types of marine molluscan taxa described by Tommaso Allery Di Maria, Marquis of Monterosato, deposited in the Museo Civico di Zoologia, Roma, Zootaxa 4477 (1), pp. 1-138: 77-78

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Mytilus herculeus


herculeus, Mytilus  [ Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819  ] ( Figures 34M, NView FIGURE 34)

1884h: 6 [XXXI: 665]—available name

Type material. MCZR –M –9788 —2 sh + 1 v dx “ Myt. Herculeus di Sciacca. ” 

MCZR –M –9688 —2 sh “Sciacca”, “ Mytilus herculeus Monts.  grande esemplare ‘specimen maximum’ di Sciacca (Sicilia)”.

Type locality. Described from Sciacca (Sicily). 

Remarks. Introduced as Mytilus galloprovincialis  var. “ herculea ”, the name M. herculeus  was raised to the status of species in subsequent works of Monterosato (1891 a: 97, note; 1915: 10). It is a giant form of M. galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819  . Recorded by MolluscaBase (2018) as a synonym of Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819  .

hyalinus, Mytilus (Dacrydium)  [ Dacrydium hyalinum (Monterosato, 1875)  ] ( Figures 34O, PView FIGURE 34)

1875b: 10 [XIII: 236]—available name

Type material. MCZR –M –13973 —20 sh + 13 v “ Mytilus hyalinus Monts  ”// 1 sh + 2 frg glued on thin cardboard, from “Messina”// 40 sh + 55 v + 4 frg from Palermo (= “P”, marked on the cork cap). Label on the bottom: “Myt. (Dacrydium) hyalinus Monteros. Palermo  40— 190 m.”

Type locality. Described from Palermo (Sicily) and other localities in the Mediterranean Sea , and Atlantic ? 

Remarks. We follow the currently accepted opinion, that Mytilus hyalinus  is available from Monterosato (1875b:

10), where size and shape are referred as diagnostic with the Atlantic Dacrydium vitreum (Møller, 1842)  , also considering the previous (Monterosato 1872b: 18) more detailed description of the Mediterranean form given by Monterosato. Ockelmann (1983: 120) studied specimens “from Monterosato’s own material” (Palermo), and recorded among them two specimens with several embryos inside (yet he did not report the whereabout of such possible type material). A valve of a further specimen originating from Monterosato in the Locard coll. (MNHN) was figured by Salas (1996: 52, fig. 92). Recorded by MolluscaBase (2018) as Dacrydium hyalinum (Monterosato, 1875)  .

solidus  , Mytilaster  [ Mytilaster solidus Monterosato, 1883  ex H. Martin ms.] ( Figures 35A, BView FIGURE 35)

1872b: 18 [VI: 100]—nomen nudum

1883a: 89 [XXXa: 603]—available name

Type material. MCZR –M –9552 —4 sh “Mod. solida Martin ms. Etang d’Engrenier d. Martin” MCZR –M –9531 —2 sh “ M. solidus C. di Prov.  a.”

Type locality. Described from Martigues ( France), and Palermo (Sicily). 

Remarks. Despite the species having been discussed and/or figured by several authors (e.g., Locard, 1889: 155– 158, pl. V, fig. 9; B.D.D., 1890: 149–150, pl. 29, figs 11–14; Bogi et al., 1985: 25; 26, fig. 2; Giannuzzi –Savelli et al., 2001: 111, figs 178–181), its actual identity is still unclear and has been interpreted in quite diverging ways. The whole genus Mytilaster Monterosato, 1883  , needs a careful revision. Recorded by MolluscaBase (2018) as Mytilaster solidus Monterosato, 1883  .


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