Appolloni, Massimo, Smriglio, Carlo, Amati, Bruno, Lugliè, Lorenzo, Nofroni, Italo, Tringali, Lionello P., Mariottini, Paolo & O, 2018, Catalogue of the primary types of marine molluscan taxa described by Tommaso Allery Di Maria, Marquis of Monterosato, deposited in the Museo Civico di Zoologia, Roma, Zootaxa 4477 (1), pp. 1-138: 23

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tenue, Propilidium  (ex Jeffreys ms.) [ Copulabyssia tenuis  (Monterosato, 1880 ex Jeffreys ms)] ( Figures 1I, JView FIGURE 1) 1878c: 79 [XIX: 393]—nomen nudum

1880c: 66 [XXVII: 550]—available name

Type material. MCZR –M –12144 —2 sh “ Propilidium pertenue Palermo (Monterosato) Jeffr.  ”, “ Propilidium tenue, J. B. Biscay (Porcupine)  ” (Jeffreys’ handwriting), “ Propilidium tenue  n. sp. Jeffr. Palermo 280 m!”

Type locality. Described from off Palermo (Sicily) [ Palermo 280 m depth, on the label], and from the Atlantic. 

Remarks. MolluscaBase (2018) records Propilidium tenue  as taxon inquirendum. It is certainly not a Propilidium  as defined by the type species ( Patella ancyloides Forbes  ). Actually, it is a senior synonym of Copulabyssia corrugata (Jeffreys, 1883)  (see Dantart & Luque 1994: fig. 56) [new synonymy]. Jeffreys stated he had examined material of P. pertenue  sent by Monterosato from Palermo (162.5 fms = c. 300 m, the depth of the type material of P. tenue  reported in Monterosato, 1878c), and that he had previously given the manuscript name tenue  to the new species (Jeffreys, 1883[1878–1885]: 674, April). Therefore, P. pertenue Jeffreys, 1883  (October) is also a junior synonym of Copulabyssia tenuis  (Monterosato, 1880 ex Jeffreys ms.) [new combination].