Limoniscus Reitter 1905, Reitter, 1905

Han, Taeman, Park, Haechul, Lee, Youngbo, Kim, Namjeong, Ôhira, Hitoo, Platia, Giuseppe & Lee, Seunghwan, 2012, Taxonomic Review of the Subtribe Athouina Candèze, 1859 (Coleoptera, Elateridae, Dendrometrinae, Dendrometrini) in Korea, Zootaxa 3591, pp. 47-66: 58

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Limoniscus Reitter 1905


Genus Limoniscus Reitter 1905  

Limoniscus Reitter, 1905: 12   . Type species: Elater violaceus Müller, 1821: 184   (Europe), subsequent designation by Hyslop, 1921: 653.

Description. Medium sized, cylindrical, distinctly lustrous. Head with simple or umbilicate punctures; frons depressed or rather flattened; frontal margin entire; frontal groove transversely excavated or narrow at middle. Antennae with 2 nd and 3 rd segments small, sub-equal in size, 4 th sub-equal or a little longer than the combined length of 2 nd and 3 rd segments, 4 th to 10 th segment serrate. Pronotum trapezoidal, with anterior angles expanded; hind angles broad at base, with single carina, with a nail-like projection on inner side; posterior margin lacking basal incisures and a basal notch; pronotosternal sutures double, distinctly furrowed anteriorly; posterior margin of hypomeron emarginate near apex; prosternal process expanded laterally; procoxal cavities narrowly opened. Scutellum simple, without longitudinal elevation. Legs slender; tarsomeres simple; claws simple.

Remarks. The genus Limoniscus   is closely allied with the genus Gambrinus LeConte, 1853   of the Nearctic region. In the Japanese species, the generic name was applied to Gambrinus   (type species: Elater armus Say, 1839   ) by Ôhira (1954) and Kishii (1966). However, Ôhira (1990) proposed the transfer of these species to Limoniscus   by the sharing of a carinate pronotal hind angle and the similarity of antennal shape. In Korea, related species were also treated under Gambrinus   in previous studies. This might reflect of the taxonomic scheme of the above specialists. In this study, we accept the generic name, Limoniscus   , according to Ôhira (1990). Destribution. 24 species in the Palearctic region ( Cate 2007)












Limoniscus Reitter 1905

Han, Taeman, Park, Haechul, Lee, Youngbo, Kim, Namjeong, Ôhira, Hitoo, Platia, Giuseppe & Lee, Seunghwan 2012


Hyslop 1921: 653
Reitter 1905: 12
Muller 1821: 184