Scindapsus pictus Hassk.

Wong, Sin Yeng & Joling, Jyloerica, 2021, Checklist of aroids (Alismatales, Araceae) from Sabah (Malaysian Borneo), Check List 17 (3), pp. 931-974 : 970

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Scindapsus pictus Hassk.


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Material examined. MALAYSIA – Pedalaman • Nabawan, Sungai Pingas-Pingas , maitland over ridge area, hillsides; [05°14′20″N, 116°40′32″E]; 11 July 1986; Fi- dilis K. & Sumbing J. SAN 115896 ( SAN) GoogleMaps Sipitang, near montane Muruk Miau, Lower Montane Oak –Chestnut Forest; 04°21′57″N, 115°50′01″E; 1300 m elev.; 13 April 2000; Pius G. & Dauni S. SAN 143168 ( SAN, AAU, NSW) GoogleMaps Pantai Barat • Ranau, Mount Kinabalu , along road to summit; 06°04′N, 116°27′E; 2000–2300 m elev.; 27 September 1981; Thomas B. Croat, T. B. Croat GoogleMaps

53140 ( MO, SAR) • same locality; 2000–2300 m elev.; 27 September 1981; Thomas B. Croat, T. B. Croat 53141 ( MO, SAR) same locality; 06°04′N, 116°27′E; 2000– 2300 m elev.; 27 September 1981; Thomas B. Croat, T. B. Croat 53142 ( MO, SAR) GoogleMaps Ranau , Mount Kinabalu, Penibukan; [06°05′30″N, 116°32′45″E]; 1219.2–1524 m (4000–5000 ft.) elev.; 4 October 1933; Clemens & Clemens 40601 (L) GoogleMaps Tambunan , Gunung Alab, rain forest; [05°50′N, 116°20′E]; 1600 m elev.; 100 m elev.; 26 Feb- ruary 1969; H. P. Nooteboom, H. P. Nooteboom 1042 ( SAN) – Sandakan GoogleMaps Beluran , Lungmanis Forest Reserve, roadside; 05°74′N, 117°67′E; 17 December 2009; Pius G. SAN 150776 ( SAN) Sandakan , Kabili, Timbon; 05°47′47″N, 117°53′55″E; 22 November 1989; George M. SAN 125771 ( SAN) GoogleMaps Sandakan , Sepilok Forest Reserve, Jalan Kabili cpt. 14; [05°49′36″N, 117°57′04″E], 24.384 m (80 ft.) elev.; 29 March 1965, Patrick P. Sam SAN 49932 ( SAN) GoogleMaps Sandakan , Sepilok , Sepilok Forest Research Compt 3, along North South; 05°52′26″N, 117°56′59″E; 14 December 1990; W. Meijer & Dewol S. SAN 131644 ( SAN) GoogleMaps Sandakan , Ulu Dusun, fresh water, zone inside mangrove; 05°46′53″N, 117°46′09″E; 28 November 1987; W. Meijer SAN 122736 ( SAN) – Tawau GoogleMaps Semporna , Bohey Dulang Island; 04°35′59″N, 118°47′04″E; 50 m elev.; 12 October 1998; J. B. Sugau et al. SIP-B 108 ( SAN) GoogleMaps Tawau , Brantian , logged area Mile 12, Hap Seng Road; 04°30′58″N, 117°33′26″E; 14 March 1979; Fedilis K. & Sumbing J. SAN 89756 ( SAN) GoogleMaps Tawau , Bukit Gemuk Forest Reserve; 04°18′00″N, 117°52′00″E; 17 March 1984; Sumbing J. SAN 103454 ( SAN) GoogleMaps .

Identification. Scindapsus pictus is most similar to S. treubii Engl. Juvenile plants of S. pictus has leaves with a crystalline texture and a smooth, dull grey-green blade variously marked with jagged silver-grey blotches. Flowering plants of S. pictus have falcate leaves with little or no posterior lobe development (Bogner and Boyce 1994). Distribution and ecology. Widespread in Sabah. In a variety of habitats in lowlands to mid-elevation. Usually encountered as a juvenile shingling climber, rarely encountered adult plants form extensive curtains of muchbranched stems pendent from the tops of tall forest trees, with the inflorescences born on the tips of the stems.


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