Corvus insularis Heinroth, 1903

Lecroy, Mary, 2014, Type Specimens Of Birds In The American Museum Of Natural History Part 12. Passeriformes: Ploceidae, Sturnidae, Buphagidae, Oriolidae, Dicruridae, Callaeidae, Grallinidae, Corcoracidae, Artamidae, Cracticidae, Ptilonorhynchidae, Cnemophilidae, Paradisaeidae, And Corvidae, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2014 (393), pp. 1-165 : 127-128

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Corvus insularis Heinroth


Corvus insularis Heinroth View in CoL View at ENA

Corvus insularis Heinroth, 1903: 69 View in CoL (Gazelle- Halbinsel).

Now Corvus insularis Heinroth, 1903 View in CoL . See Stresemann, 1943: 121–135; Blake and Vaurie, 1962: 275–276; Madge and Burn, 1994: 165–168; Mayr and Diamond, 2001: 400–401; Dickinson, 2003: 514; Steinheimer, 2009: 28–29; and dos Anjos, 2009: 622.

SYNTYPE: AMNH 674444, adult sex?, collected at Blanche Bay, 04.15S, 152.10E

( PNG, 1984), Gazelle Peninsula, New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea, on 2 February 1901, by Oscar Heinroth on the ‘‘I. Deutschen Südsee Expeditiion von Br. Mencke.’’ From the ZMB via the Rothschild Collection.

COMMENTS: Although the Rothschild label on this specimen is marked by Hartert: ‘‘Co-type! of C. insularis ,’’ it was not included in any of Hartert’s lists of types in the Rothschild Collection and had not been included with the AMNH types. A query by Steinheimer, when he was preparing the list of corvid types in ZMB, led to the discovery of this syntype. It now bears an AMNH type label. Other syntypes are in ZMB ( Steinheimer, 2009: 28–29).

C. insularis has usually been considered a subspecies of C. orru , but recent evidence indicates that it should receive full species status.

Because Gregory M. Mathews changed his mind so often about species relationships among the Australian corvids and because he did not label his specimens with his names, it is frequently impossible to know which specimens he had in mind when he gave the range of a new form. I have not tried to determine paratypes of Mathews names of Australian corvids. The synonymies listed in Blake and Vaurie (1962: 276– 277) apparently depended on the analyses by Mathews (1926: 389–406; 1927: 407–412; 1930: 894–896). I have used the paper by Rowley (1970) to reassess these names, which has resulted in some changes in the synonymies.


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Corvus insularis Heinroth

Lecroy, Mary 2014

Corvus insularis

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