Progyrolepis sp.

Štamberg, Stanislav, Schneider, Jörg W. & Werneburg, Ralf, 2016, Fossil Fauna And Flora Of A Re-Discovered Locality In The Late Carboniferous Ploužnice Horizon Of The Krkonoše Piedmont Basin, Bohemian Massif, Fossil Imprint 72 (3 - 4), pp. 215-224 : 219

publication ID 10.14446/FI.2016.213

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Progyrolepis sp.


Progyrolepis sp.

Only one tooth (MHK 82631) and one fragment of a scale (MHK 82620) can be considered to be from Progyrolepis sp. The tooth is 2.5 mm long, with a broad base and not as slender as in “ Elonichthys ” sp. The scale has strong ridges on its surface, and no diagonal ridge dividing the outer surface of the scale into dorso-posterior and ventro-anterior halves as in “ Elonichthys ” sp .

Aeduellidae ROMER, 1945

Spinarichthys dispersus (FRITSCH, 1895)

Abundant scales (MHK 82589, 82599, 82604, 82614, 82622) with a conspicuous dorsal projection of peg and socket articulation. Scales are posteriorly pectinated. Outer surfaces of the scales are smooth, but under high magnification regularly distributed tubercles can be identified on the outer surface of the scales (Pl. 2, Fig. 5) .

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