Volker Mahnert & Yun-chun Li, 2016, Cave-inhabiting Neobisiidae (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones) from China, with description of four new species of Bisetocreagris Ćurčić, Revue suisse de Zoologie 123, pp. 259-268: 267

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Bisetocreagris  sp.

Material examined: 1♀ (in MSWU), 1♂ (in MHNG); China, Henan Province, Nei Xiang, Ban Chang Town , Tian Xian Cave , alt. 683 m, 33º26.732’N 111º38.795’E; 24 May 2014; coll. Yun-chun Li and Yu-Cheng Lin.GoogleMaps 

Description (based mainly on ♀): Carapace nearly as long as broad, smooth, with anterior margin slightly protruding medially, 4 big eyes with distinct lenses present, anterior ones about their diameter away from anterior carapace margin, chaetotaxy: 6/4/6/7-8; tergites mostly with 11-13 marginal setae. Manducatory process with 3-4 setae, pedipalpal coxa 8, coxa I 8-9, II 6, III 4-5, IV 10; genital operculum with 10 (5/5) medial marginal and discal setae; sternite III with anteromedian groove; III and IV with 6 and 4-5 suprastigmal setae, respectively, the following sternites with 18-20 marginal setae, on VI-X 2 submedial setae placed submarginally. Pleural membrane granular.

Chelicera: 7 setae on hand, fixed finger with 10 triangular teeth, movable finger with 14 teeth without thickened lamella; galea: a short broad stump on left chelicera (clearly broken), on right chelicera a transparent broad hump; serrula exterior with 36 blades. Rallum with 8 pinnate setae, the distal one with an expanded base.

Pedipalp: Femur and club of patella on medial face finely granular (in part indistinctly), hand on medial face indistinctly granular; trochanter with a small ventral hump, 2.2 times, femur 4.4 (♂ 4.2) times, patella 3.0 (♂ 2.8) times, club distinctly (2.51/ ♂ 2.25 times) longer than pedicel, hand with pedicel 1.8 (♂ 2.0) times, chela with pedicel 3.6 (♂ 4.5) times, without pedicel 3.45 times longer than broad; finger 1.08 (♂ 1.27) times longer than hand with pedicel. Fixed finger with 74 teeth (cusped in distal third of tooth row), movable finger with 78 teeth (only the distal 18 cusped). Trichobothria (8+4): on fixed finger it indistinctly proximal et, est in middle of finger slightly nearer to et than to ist; five trichobothria at finger base and on hand; movable finger: st distinctly nearer to t than to sb, sb nearer to b than to st.

Measurements of pedipalp of ♀ (♂ in parentheses): Femur 1.10/0.25 (1.01/0.24), patella 0.93/0.36 (0.85/0.31), length of pedicel 0.27 (0.26), hand with pedicel 0.95/0.54 (0.81/0.40), length of pedicel 0.13 (0.09), length of finger 1.03 (1.03), of chela with pedicel 1.96 (1.83).

Remarks: This seems to be an edaphic species occasionally occurring in caves. It is similar to Bisetocreagris orientalis (Chamberlin)  , as defined by Harvey (1999), but differs by the somewhat more slender pedipalpal segments. Variability of those characters being unknown and knowledge of the neobisiid genera and species (particularly of Bisetocreagris  ) from this region being fragmentary, we refrain from attributing these specimens to a described species.


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