Phaeornis palmeri Rothschild

Mary, Croy, History, Bulletin Of The American Museum Of Natural, At, Central Park West, Street, Th, York, New & Ny, 2005, Type Specimens Of Birds In The American Museum Of Natural History. Part 6. Passeriformes: Prunellidae, Turdidae, Orthonychidae, Timaliidae, Paradoxornithidae, Picathartidae, And Polioptilidae, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2005 (292), pp. 1-132: 37-39

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Phaeornis palmeri Rothschild


Phaeornis palmeri Rothschild  

Phaeornis palmeri Rothschild, 1893: 67 (Kauai)   . Now Myadestes palmeri ( Rothschild, 1893)   . See

Clement, 2000: 281.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 574077 View Materials , adult female, collected at Halemanu , Kauai I., Hawaii, on 21 March 1891, by Henry C. Palmer (no. 926). From the Rothschild Collection.  

COMMENTS: Rothschild’s type series comprised the holotype, and two juvenile paratypes collected at Hanemanu in 1893: AMNH 574078 (Palmer no. 2189) and AMNH 574079 (Palmer no. 2193). The holotype is in very poor condition, having been carried off by a rat and later recovered by Palmer ( Munro, 1960: 78).

The date of collection was given as 21 March by Rothschild in the original description, but Palmer’s label is dated 24 March. Reference to Rothschild’s (1900: 2 Di) résumé of Palmer’s diary explains the discrepancy. The new Phaeornis   was collected on 21 March. On the morning of 24 March he missed the specimen and suspected rats. So he ‘‘crawled all under the cottage on [his] stomach, and finally succeeded in finding it in a rat’s hole, although much damaged, yet partly preserved. They had indeed not touched one of the common birds! I am glad nobody heard the prayers uttered for the benefit of the rats.’’

Catharus gracilirostris bensoni Griscom  

Catharus gracilirostris bensoni Griscom, 1924a: 7   (Cerro Flores, 6000 ft., eastern Chiriqui, Panama).

Now Catharus gracilirostris accentor Bangs, 1902   . See Hellmayr, 1934: 476, and Clement, 2000: 295.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 182905 View Materials , adult male, collected on Cerro Flores, 5500 ft, eastern Chiriquı´, Panama, on 17 March 1924, by Ludlow Griscom (no. 249) and J. Manson Valentine.  

COMMENTS: The AMNH number of the holotype was given in the original description. There were two specimens in the type series, with the paratype being AMNH 182912, a female. The validity of this subspecies is discussed by Wetmore et al. (1984: 165), who recognized it.

Griscom (1924b) showed Cerro Santiago, 088349N, 818429W (Times Atlas), on the map accompanying the popular account of his trip and thought that Cerro Flores was perhaps 10 mi east of that peak.

Catharus melpomene albidior Miller and Griscom  

Catharus melpomene albidior Miller and Griscom, 1925: 2   (between Jinotega and San Rafael del Norte, Nicaragua (alt. 3000 ft. )).

Now Catharus aurantiirostris costaricensis Hellmayr, 1902   . See Hellmayr, 1934: 472, and Clement, 2000: 297.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 144414 View Materials , adult female,  

collected between San Rafael del Norte (138129N, 868069W, Times Atlas) and Jinotega, 3000 ft, Nicaragua, on 4 April 1917, by Waldron DeW. Miller and Ludlow Griscom (no. 302).

COMMENTS: The AMNH number of the holotype was cited in the original description   ; a note on the reverse of its field label gives the collecting locality as 9 miles SE of San Rafael. Paratypes are AMNH 101379– 101381 View Materials , 102964 View Materials , 144412 View Materials , 144413 View Materials , and 144415–144419   .

Catharus griseiceps russatus Griscom   Catharus griseiceps russatus Griscom, 1924a: 6  

(Boruca, Costa Rica).

Now Catharus aurantiirostris russatus Griscom   ,

1924. See Clement, 2000: 297.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 102293 View Materials , adult male, collected at Boruca , 098009N, 838209W ( Selander and Vaurie, 1962: 23), Puntarenas, Costa Rica, on 30 April 1906, by Cecil F. Underwood.  

COMMENTS: The AMNH number of the holotype was cited in the original description. Paratypes are: AMNH 102292 View Materials , adult male from Boruca   ; AMNH 78047–78050 View Materials , two adult males, one adult female, and one unsexed specimen from Boquete , Chiriquı´, Panama   ; and AMNH 77650 View Materials , juvenile male from Boquete (although the label is printed Boqueron, locality on the field label is Boquete). These are all of the specimens list­ ed by Griscom   ; specimens of this taxon from Boquete that came to AMNH with the Rothschild Collection were not in AMNH in 1924 and thus have no standing as types.

Catharus aurantiirostris inornatus Zimmer  

Catharus aurantiirostris inornatus Zimmer, 1944: 404   (San Gil, Santander, Colombia).

Now Catharus aurantiirostris inornatus Zimmer, 1944   . See Clement, 2000: 298.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 409864 View Materials , adult male, collected at San Gil , 068339N, 738089W ( Paynter, 1997: 387), Santander, Colombia, in June 1939, by Hermano Nicéforo Maria (5 Brother Nicéforo Maria).  

COMMENTS: The AMNH number of the holotype was cited in the original description. The two paratypes, also from San Gil, were said by Zimmer (1944: 408) to be in the Cúcuta ( Colombia) Museum.

Catharus aurantiirostris insignis Zimmer  

Catharus aurantiirostris insignis Zimmer, 1944: 406   (near San Augustín [sic], Huila, Colombia; altitude 5000 feet).

Now Catharus aurantiirostris insignis Zimmer, 1944   . See Clement, 2000: 298.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 116959 View Materials , adult male, collected near San Agustín , 5000 ft, 018539N, 768169W ( Paynter, 1997: 378), Huila, Colombia, on 14 April 1912, by Leo E. Miller (no. 2446).  

COMMENTS: Zimmer (1944: 406–408) gave the AMNH number of the holotype in the original description and noted that he had two paratypes: AMNH 116958, male from Andalucia, and AMNH 116960, female from near San Agustín. The Bogota skin that Zimmer doubtfully assigned to insignis is AMNH 503862 but is not a paratype (ICZN, Art. 74.4.1).

Catharus berlepschi Lawrence  

Catharus berlepschi Lawrence, 1888: 503   (western Ecuador, Cayandeled).

Now Catharus fuscater fuscater (Lafresnaye, 1845)   . See Hellmayr, 1934: 465, Clement, 2000: 299, and Ridgely and Greenfield, 2001: 659–660.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 39096 View Materials , adult male, collected at Cayandeled , ca. 028079S, 788599W ( Paynter, 1993: 34), Chimborazo, Ecuador, on 23 January 1883, by Siemiradski (no. 407). From the Berlepsch Collection via the George N. Lawrence Collection.  

COMMENTS: Lawrence noted that his collection was in AMNH and based his description on a single specimen that had been sent to him by Berlepsch, who had identified it as Catharus fuscater   .

This specimen bears five labels. The original Siemiradski field label gives the data cit­ ed above. The second label is a Berlepsch Museum label with information copied from the field label and ‘‘ J. de Siemiradzki’ ’ listed as the collector. This initial is written in longhand and could be an ‘‘F’’, but Berlepsch and Taczanowski (1883: 536–537) listed his name as ‘‘ Joseph Siemiradzki’ ’, usually spelled as above in English publications, and noted that his specimens were deposited in the Berlepsch Collection. The reverse of this label is marked ‘‘ N. Species. Type –’’ in Lawrence’s hand. The third label is of plain cardboard and is handwritten by Lawrence ‘‘ Collection of Geo. N. Lawrence. H. von Berlepsch’’. The fourth label is the AMNH Lawrence Collection label with AMNH 39096 View Materials and ‘‘Type’   ’; and the fifth label is the AMNH type label   .

The specimen listed above is the only one Lawrence had. It was part of the second collection made by Stolzmann and Siemiradski in Ecuador, reported on by Berlepsch and Taczanowski (1884), who described Cayandeled on p. 283. Siemiradski spelled this type locality ‘‘Cayandele`’’ on the original label.

The date of publication of this name was cited as 1887 by Hellmayr (1934: 465), but it was published in signature 32 of the Proceedings of the USNM, on 6 August 1888, and was so listed on p. viii of the introductory material for the volume.

Catharus fuscater caniceps Chapman   Catharus fuscater caniceps Chapman, 1924: 14  

(Palambla, 5000–6500 ft., Dept. Piura, Peru).

Now Catharus fuscater caniceps Chapman, 1924   .

See Clement, 2000: 299.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 175530 View Materials , adult male, collected at Palambla , 5000 –6500 ft, 058239S, 798379W ( Stephens and Traylor, 1983: 153), Piura, Peru, on 16 September 1922, by Harry Watkins (no. 6011).  

COMMENTS: The AMNH number of the holotype was given in the original description. Chapman’s type series consisted of six specimens from Palambla. The five paratypes are: AMNH 175531–175535.

Catharus frantzii waldroni Phillips  

Catharus frantzii waldroni Phillips, 1969: 616   (6 km northeast of San Rafael del Norte, 1,370 – 1,520 m alt, northern Nicaragua).

Now Catharus frantzii waldroni Phillips, 1969   . See Dickerman and Parkes, 1997: 221, who questioned its validity.

SYNTYPES: AMNH 144420 View Materials , adult female   ; AMNH 144421 View Materials , adult male   ; and AMNH 144422 View Materials , adult female, collected at San Rafael del Norte , 4500–5000 ft, 138129N, 868069W (Times Atlas), Nicaragua, on 29 March 1917, by Waldron DeWitt Miller (nos. 210 and 211) and William B. Richardson (no. 202)   .

COMMENTS: Phillips cited the AMNH numbers of the syntypes in the original description. He apparently had three males and three females of waldroni, but his listing of the three syntypes excludes the other three specimens from the type series (ICZN, Art. 72.4.6)

COMMENTS: Clement (2000: 302) did not mention this subspecies, but he apparently considered it a synonym of C. f. alticola.


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Phaeornis palmeri Rothschild

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Phaeornis palmeri

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