Accentor talifuensis Rippon

Mary, Croy, History, Bulletin Of The American Museum Of Natural, At, Central Park West, Street, Th, York, New & Ny, 2005, Type Specimens Of Birds In The American Museum Of Natural History. Part 6. Passeriformes: Prunellidae, Turdidae, Orthonychidae, Timaliidae, Paradoxornithidae, Picathartidae, And Polioptilidae, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2005 (292), pp. 1-132: 4

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Accentor talifuensis Rippon


Accentor talifuensis Rippon   Prunella collaris ripponi Hartert  

Accentor talifuensis Rippon, 1906b: 19   (E. of Talifu, W. Yunnan).

Prunella collaris ripponi Hartert, 1910a: 766   (Gyi­dziu­shán, 10 000 ft.).

Now Prunella collaris nipalensis (Blyth, 1843)   . See Vaurie, 1959: 210.

HOLOTYPE: AMNH 585025 View Materials , sex unknown, collected on 5 April 1902, at Gyi­dziu­shan, 10,000 feet, east of Ta­li (5 Talifu), 258459N, 1008069E (Times Atlas), northern Yunnan, China, by George Rippon. From the Rothschild Collection.  

COMMENTS: Apparently Rippon (1906b: 19) described Accentor talifuensis   from one unsexed adult specimen collected ‘‘E. of Talifu, W. Yunnan’’. Hartert (1910a: 766), in his description of P. c. ripponi, did not mention Rippon’s earlier description, noting only that the type of his ripponi was in the Rothschild Collection and collected by Rippon on 5 April 1902 at Gyi­dziu­shán, 10,000 feet. The locality data from both descriptions appear together on the original label, and AMNH 585025 is the only Rippon specimen that came to AMNH with the Rothschild Collection. Thus, it seems that this specimen is the holotype of both names, with A. talifuensis   being older. Hartert (1910a: 766) also spoke of having a series from east of Talifu; however, no additional specimens collected early enough are now in AMNH.

Accentor erythropygius Swinhoe   Accentor erythropygius Swinhoe, 1870c: 124   (Ke­

meih, Prefecture of Seuen­hwafoo).

Now Prunella collaris erythropygia (Swinhoe   ,

1870). See Vaurie, 1959: 210, and Cheng, 1987:


HOLOTYPE: AMNH 585068 View Materials , adult male, collected on 26 September 1868, at Kemeih , China, by Robert Swinhoe. From the Rothschild Collection.  

COMMENTS: Only one specimen was secured, although others were seen later. Cheng (1987: 564) placed this type locality ‘‘between Zhangjiakou [5 Chang­chia­k’ou, 408519N, 1148599E, Times Atlas] and Beijing [5 Pei­ching, 398559N, 1168259E, Times Atlas], China’’.

Prunella strophiata sirotensis Koelz   Prunella strophiata sirotensis Koelz, 1939: 67  

(Sirotai, Afghanistan).

Now Prunella strophiata jerdoni (Brooks, 1872)   .

See Vaurie, 1959: 212, and Dickinson, 2003:


HOLOTYPE: AMNH 467183 View Materials , adult male, collected at Saroti (5 Sirotai), Afghanistan, on 17 June 1937, by Walter Koelz.  

COMMENTS: Koelz listed the above male and a female paratype (called ‘‘topotype’’ by Koelz), AMNH 467182, collected on 18 June 1937. Koelz was at Saroti on 17–19 June and in both Saroti and Gardez on 20 June. Gardez is at 338379N, 698099E (Times Atlas).

[ Accentor modularis occidentalis Hartert   ]

Hartert (1910e: 313) described occidentalis   based on a single specimen collected on the Tring estate. Later, Hartert (1920: 503) added that the holotype was a male, collected on 10 April 1893, by N.C. Rothschild. It was cataloged as AMNH 450916 and on 21 September 1936 was one of the British Isles types from the Rothschild Collection that was presented to the BMNH, Reg. no. 1936.10.15.10 ( Warren and Harrison, 1971: 397). Now Prunella modularis occidentalis Hartert, 1910   ( Cramp, 1988: 548).














Accentor talifuensis Rippon

Mary, Croy, History, Bulletin Of The American Museum Of Natural, At, Central Park West, Street, Th, York, New & Ny 2005

Prunella collaris nipalensis (Blyth, 1843)

Vaurie, C. 1959: 210

Prunella strophiata sirotensis

Koelz, W. 1939: 67

Prunella collaris ripponi

Hartert, E. 1910: 766

Accentor talifuensis

Rippon, G. 1906: 19

Accentor erythropygius

Swinhoe, R. 1870: 124