Greenisca brachypodii Borchsenius & Danzig

Stalažs, Arturs, 2021, Biruta Rasiņa’s collection of scale insects (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha Coccomorpha) at the Latvian National Museum of Natural History, including type material of several species, Zootaxa 5039 (4), pp. 451-478: 467

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Greenisca brachypodii Borchsenius & Danzig


Greenisca brachypodii Borchsenius & Danzig  

Name used in the samples: Greenisca placidus  

LATVIA: dry material. Brachypodium pinnatum: Kangari   (Ropažu novads)—4943 (31.viii.1947)   , 4942 (22. viii.1951); Brachypodium sp.   : Kangari (Ropažu novads)—5098 (31.viii.1947)   .

Microscope slide. Brachypodium pinnatum: Kangari   (Ropažu novads)—5346 (22.viii.1951).

Remarks. Borchsenius & Danzig (1966: 43) refer to paratype material also from Latvia, dated 31.viii.1947 (collected by A. Rasiņš). In the original work, an error has been introduced in the name of the site name ‘Ponaži’, which should be ‘Ropaži’. There is no doubt that the dry samples No. 4943 and 5098 are from this series of para- types.