Phaneroptera parva Ragge, 1956

Naskrecki, Piotr & Guta, Ricardo, 2019, Katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) of Gorongosa National Park and Central Mozambique, Zootaxa 4682 (1), pp. 1-119 : 60

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Phaneroptera parva Ragge, 1956


Phaneroptera parva Ragge, 1956 Orthoptera

( Figs. 25 View FIGURE 25 G–I, 51G–I)

Diagnostic remarks. One of the smallest katydids in Mozambique, P. parva   can be distinguished from other members of the genus by the shape of the male cerci ( Fig. 25H View FIGURE 25 ) and a distinctly shorter tegmen in comparison to the length of the hind wing ( Fig. 25I View FIGURE 25 ).

Bioacoustics. The call of P. sparsa   consists of a series of single syllables produced at the rate of approximately 0.2/s; mean syllable duration is 0.10966 s (SD=0.02159, n=6); the peak frequency of the call is 42.7–50.4 kHz ( Figs. 51 View FIGURE 51 G–I). This species is the only katydid in Gorongosa   other than Gorongosa carri   known to produce a purely ultrasonic call.

Distribution and natural history. P. parva   has so far been known only from its type specimens collected in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Malawi ( Ragge 1956a), and this is its first record from Mozambique. Based on the known distribution of this species it is likely that it occurs throughout the sub-Saharan Africa. In Gorongosa   P. parva   is a rarely encountered species, found in open, grassy habitats, where it has been seen feeding on flowers of grasses.

Measurements (1 male, 1 female). body w/wings: male 22.5, female 19; body w/o wings: male 9.6, female 9; pronotum: male 2.4, female 3; tegmen: male 10.7, female 12; hind femur: male 12.3, female 14; ovipositor: 4 mm.

Material examined (8 specimens). Mozambique: Sofala, Gorongosa   , Chitengo, E.O. Wilson Laboratory, elev. 42 m (-18.97775, 34.35130), 1–15.x.2017, coll. P. Naskrecki— 1 female GoogleMaps   ; GNP, Chitengo, E.O. Wilson Laboratory, elev. 48 m (-18.977722, 34.351333), 15–30.ix.2017, coll. P. Naskrecki— 1 male; GNP, Chitengo, Wilson Laboratory, elev. 48 m (-18.977722, 34.351333), 1–15.i.2018, coll. P. Naskrecki & N. Vicente— 1 male; GNP, JAG Exclosure 15, (-18.89506, 34.44695),, coll. J. Guyton— 1 female, 1 male ( EOWL) GoogleMaps   ; Gorongosa   Dist., GNP, nr. Lion House, (-18.915186, 34.370425), 27.v.2013, coll. P. Naskrecki— 1 female ( MCZ) GoogleMaps   .


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