Polysphincta longa Kasparyan, 1976, Kasparyan, 1976

Varga, Oleksandr & Reshchikov, Alexey, 2015, New records of the genus Polysphincta Gravenhorst, 1829 (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Pimplinae) from the Oriental region, Zootaxa 3955 (3), pp. 435-443: 442

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Polysphincta longa Kasparyan, 1976


Polysphincta longa Kasparyan, 1976  

Material examined. Female, THAILAND, Loei, Phu Ruea NP, Doi Phaluang, 17 ° 30.74 'N, 101 ° 20.65 'E, 1353 m, 5.– 12.xi. 2006, malaise trap, leg. N. Jaroenchai, T 825, QSBG.

Remarks. The mesoscutum of the specimen examined is pubescent in the anterior 0.6 only, with a weakly granulate propodeum (traces of granulation visible in European specimens), and punctate metasomal swellings on tergites 3–4 ( Fig. 6 View FIGURE 6 c) (this character is either variable as in European specimens we found only traces of punctures on the anterolateral swellings, or the Thai specimen belongs to an undescribed species, very close to P. longa   ).