Synergus xialongmeni Melika, Ács & Bechtold, 2004

Schwéger, Szabina, Melika, George, Tang, Chang-Ti, Bihari, Péter, Bozsó, Miklós, Stone, Graham N., Nicholls, James A. & Pénzes, Zsolt, 2015, New species of cynipid inquilines of the genus Synergus (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Synergini) from the Eastern Palaearctic, Zootaxa 3999 (4), pp. 451-497 : 491

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3999.4.1

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Synergus xialongmeni Melika, Ács & Bechtold, 2004


Synergus xialongmeni Melika, Ács & Bechtold, 2004

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Currently known only from China (Beijing Province, Mentougou District, 150 km NW of Beijing), reared from unknown cynipid acorn, leaf and bud galls ( Melika et al. 2004). This species, together with S. belizinellus and S. ishikarii , forms a distinct subclade and morphologically with all three species show some similarity. Diagnostic characters for all three species are given in the key and also in the Diagnosis to S. ishikarii and S. belizinellus .

Based on this research we can conclude that there are currently 17 valid species of Synergus in the Eastern Palaearctic, and two species with an uncertain status ( Table 2 View TABLE 2 ).

Total: 17 valid species and 2 with uncertain status

TABLE 2. Eastern Palaearctic Synergus species with distribution and host associations.

Species Distribution Host gall Host plant
S. abei Melika & Schwéger Japan undescribed acorn and bud galls Quercus (subgen. Quercus )
S. belizinellus Schwéger & Melika Russia Japan Belizinella vicina and undescribed leaf galls Quercus (subgen. Quercus )
S. castaneus Pujade-Villar, Bernardo & Viggiani China undescribed galls Castanea
S. changtitangi Melika & Schwéger Taiwan undescribed stem swelling-like galls Quercus (subgen. Quercus )
S. chinensis Melika, Ács & Bechtold China, S.Korea undescribed acorn, bud and leaf Russia galls Quercus (subgen. Quercus )
S. deqingensis Pujade-Villar,Wang & Chen China undescribed undescribed
S. formosanus Schwéger & Melika Taiwan Trichagalma formosana Quercus (subgen. Quercus )
S.gifuensis Ashmead Japan Russia Andricus kashiwaphilus , A. mukaigawae Quercus (subgen. Quercus )
S. hakonensis Ashmead Japan undescribed undescribed
S. ishikarii Melika & Schwéger Japan Ussuraspis sp., undescribed leaf galls Quercus (subgen. Quercus )
S. itoensis Abe, Ide & Wachi Japan gallinducer in acorns Quercus (subgen. Cyclobalanopsis )
S. iwatensis Shinji status uncertain, nomen nudum  
S. japonicus Walker Japan China Andricus kashiwaphilus , A. Russia mukaigawae Quercus (subgen. Quercus )
S. jezoensis Uchida & Sakagami Japan China undescribed undescribed
S. kawakamii Tang & Melika Taiwan undescribed detachable stem galls Castanopsis
S. khazani Melika & Schwéger Russia Japan Andricus kashiwaphilus , A. mukaigawae ; undescribed acorn and bud galls Quercus (subgen. Quercus )
S. mizunarae Shinji status uncertain, nomen nudum  
S. symbioticus Schwéger & Melika Russia Japan Andricus hakonensis , A. kashiwaphilus Quercus (subgen. Quercus )
S. xialongmeni Melika, Ács & Bechtold China undescribed acorn, leaf and bud galls Quercus (subgen. Quercus )













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