Sinogomphus asahinai Chao 1984

Wilson, Keith Duncan Peter & Xu, Zaifu, 2009, Gomphidae of Guangdong & Hong Kong, China (Odonata: Anisoptera) 2177, Zootaxa 2177, pp. 1-62: 19-20

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Sinogomphus asahinai Chao 1984


Sinogomphus asahinai Chao 1984  

Figs. 7 (a–e)

Sinogomphus asahinai Chao 1984b   : Chao (1984: 233–236, figs 1–7, type-loc. Guangxi); Hua (2000: 12, Guangxi). Sinogomphus sp.   – Fellowes et al. (2003a: 37, Guangdong: Nanling).

Specimens: 1 ♀, Babaoshan , Guangdong, 27 vi 2000, coll. KW   .

Description of Guangdong female: Labium blackish-brown, labrum black. Base of mandibles pale yellow ( Figs 7a–b). Antepclypeus and postclypeus black, vertex and occiput black with a yellow spot at the rear of the occiput; a pair of small, widely separated spines along occipital margin (these spines are both broken and may be slightly larger than depicted), beset with long black hairs, a raised, slightly V-shaped, ridge running between and linking the lateral ocelli also beset with long black hairs; anterior slope of ridge smoothly concave; a pair of raised tubercles above lateral ocelli each linked by a low ridge line to respective ends of high central ridge; a broad, unbroken yellow transverse crest across postfrons extending to upper surface of antefrons. Dorsum of synthorax black with a thick, isolated yellow dorsal stripe and superior yellow antehumeral spot ( Figs. 7c–d); pair of yellow collar stripes narrowly linked centrally, mesepimeron with a broad yellow stripe, metepisternum with a narrow broken yellow stripe, metepimeron yellow. Legs blackishbrown. Wings hyaline with slight amber colouration at base. Abdomen predominantly black with yellow markings; S1–2 with a yellow dorsal spot, widest at suture separating S1 & S2 and ventero-laterally S1–2 largely yellow; S3 with narrow central yellow spot and baso-lateral quadrate yellow spot ( Fig. 7c); S3 also with a fine yellow spot along proximal side of transverse carina; S4–7 with a basal dorsal yellow spot and baso-lateral yellow spots; S8–10 entirely black. Subgenital plate deeply bifid about half length of S9 ( Fig. 7e). Cerci pale whitish-yellow. The median dorsal appendage (supra-anal plate) mainly pale whitish-yellow but blackish at the tip.

Remarks: This species is recorded from Guangdong for the first time. It is the only female member of the genus with horns arising from the occipital margin.

Distribution: China (Guangdong and Guangxi).














Sinogomphus asahinai Chao 1984

Wilson, Keith Duncan Peter & Xu, Zaifu 2009

Sinogomphus asahinai

Chao 1984