Amphigomphus hansoni Chao 1954

Wilson, Keith Duncan Peter & Xu, Zaifu, 2009, Gomphidae of Guangdong & Hong Kong, China (Odonata: Anisoptera) 2177, Zootaxa 2177, pp. 1-62: 26-29

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Amphigomphus hansoni Chao 1954


Amphigomphus hansoni Chao 1954  

Figs. 13 (a–g)

Amphigomphus hansoni Chao 1954   : Chao (1954: 403, figs 492–497, type-loc. Fujian); Chao (1990: 346–348, 8 figs, Fujian); Zhang (1999: 218–219, figs 24.42a–d, Fujian); Wilson & Reels (2001: 188, Hainan); Hua (2000: 10, Fujian, Jiangxi & Zhejiang); Fellowes et al. (2003a: 36, Guangdong: Henglongbei, Longtanjiao & Daodongshan, Nanling).

Specimens: 1 ♂, Henglongbei, Shikengkong (Babaoshan), Nanling, 28 vi 2000, coll. KW; 1 ♂, Longtanjiao, Nanling, 2 vii 2000, coll. KW; 8 ♂, 2 ♀, Longtanjiao, Nanling, 3 vii 2000, coll. KW; 1 ♂, 1 ♀, Maoping (Dadongshan), Nanling, 6 vii 2000, coll. KW; 1 ♀ (photo), Nankunshan, 20 vi 2007, leg. SS.

First description of female: Similar colouration to male but with no yellow abdominal markings at sides of S8–9. Labium pale greyish-brown with all lobes dark brown distally and central lobe lateral margins dark brown. Labrum black. Anteclypeus blackish-brown and postclypeus black, base of mandibles pale yellow. Broad yellow transverse stripe across distal antefrons, which extends over much of the postfrons ( Figs. 13c– d). Pair of small rounded protrusions above lateral ocelli. Shallow hump located at centre of occiput with narrow, short frontal groove, arising from margin and extending towards vertex with deep depressions at either side. Rear of head with pair of postocular nodule-like protrusions below the occipital margin. Synthorax black with broad, seven-shaped yellow dorsal stripes; left side ‘7’ inverted ( Figs. 13e–f). Mesepimeron black with broad yellow stripe. Metepisternum black with irregular yellow spot broad at wing bases and narrowing towards spiracle. Metepimeron yellow. Legs, as male, black with inner sides of front femora mainly yellow; middle femora with small yellow spot on inner face and outer face of hind femora with large oblong yellow spot. Wings hyaline with 2-celled anal field. A2 arising from anal vein, well proximal to base of subtriangle. Pterostigma brown. S1–2 of abdomen black with central yellow stripe along dorsal carina. Sides S1–2 black above, yellow below. S3 black with yellow triangular-shaped dorsal spot narrowing distally and not extending to S4. Basal ventero-lateral yellow triangular-shaped spot also extending to S4. S4–7 with narrow, yellow rings incomplete ventrally. S8–10 entirely black. Cerci yellow. Postgenital plate with pair of triangular-shaped vulvar scales, pinched at inner margins to form inner raised ridge, and separated by deep v-shaped notch ( Fig. 13g).

Remarks: The male caudal genitalia are illustrated in Figs. 13a–g.

Distribution: China (Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Jiangxi and Zhejiang).














Amphigomphus hansoni Chao 1954

Wilson, Keith Duncan Peter & Xu, Zaifu 2009

Amphigomphus hansoni

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