Gomphidia kelloggi Needham 1930

Wilson, Keith Duncan Peter & Xu, Zaifu, 2009, Gomphidae of Guangdong & Hong Kong, China (Odonata: Anisoptera) 2177, Zootaxa 2177, pp. 1-62: 56-58

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Gomphidia kelloggi Needham 1930


Gomphidia kelloggi Needham 1930  

Figs. 29 (a–g)

Gomphidia kelloggi Needham 1930   : Needham (1930: 28–29, pl. 3, fig. 4, type-loc. Ling Sioh, Fujian); Chao 1955: 95, fig. 626, Fujian); Chao (1990: 420, 424, fig. 1, Fujian); Wilson (1995a: 128, 137, 139, photos ♂, ♀, larvae, Hong Kong); Wilson (1995b: 337–338, figs 49–58, Hong Kong); Saito & Ogata (1995: 31–32, figs 31–39, Hong Kong); Muraki et al. (1996: 6, Hong Kong); Wilson (1997a: 34, Hong Kong); Wilson (1997b: 193–200, Hong Kong); Zhang (1999: 232–233, fig. 24.58, Fujian); Hua (2000: 11, Fujian & Hainan [sic] – presumably Hua meant Hong Kong not Hainan); Wilson (2003: 222–225, photos ♂, ♀, larvae, Hong Kong).

Specimens: 1 ♀ (photo), 25 v 2007, Danxiashan, Guangdong (N 25º 01', E 113º 45'), leg. K-M. Sun GoogleMaps   .

Remarks: Female Gomphidia kelloggi   is illustrated in Figs. 29a–e and caudal male abdomen in Fig. 29g. Sun (2007) published a photo of a female Gomphidia   , clearly identifiable as G. kelloggi   , on the Flickr photo sharing website, taken at Danxiashan, north Guangdong. The picture depicts a compact Gomphidia   with a complete yellow stripe across the mesepimeron not extending to the spiracle, slight curve of ventral abdomen noticeable between S4 & S6 (not as cuved as male G. kelloggi   but the central abdomen is very straight in female G. kruegeri   ), dorsal stripe almost extending to the collar and femora entirely black. The majority of male Guangdong specimens feature dorsal stripes not connected to collar stripe in contrast to the type male from Fujian, which has the connected 7-shaped pattern. The female illustrated in Figs. 29c–d, from Hong Kong, has narrowly connected dorsal and collar stripes. Other than G. kelloggi   three further species of Gomphidia   are known from China. Of these Gomphidia kruegeri Martin   has a very stocky thorax which is massive in comparison with its relatively narrow and elongate abdomen; Gomphidia confluens Selys   which is listed from Guangdong by Sui and Sun (1994), has femora which are predominantly yellow and the remaining species Gomphidia abbotti Williamson   has no yellow antehumeral markings and the metepisternum is entirely black save for a small isolated superior spot. The Danxiashan photograph represents the first record of G. kelloggi   from Guangdong.

Distribution: China (Fujian, Guangdong & Hong Kong).














Gomphidia kelloggi Needham 1930

Wilson, Keith Duncan Peter & Xu, Zaifu 2009

Gomphidia kelloggi

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