Paranomina danielsi, Mcalpine, 2019

Mcalpine, David K., 2019, Review of the Species of Paranomina (Diptera: Lauxaniidae), Records of the Australian Museum 71 (3), pp. 71-85: 78-79

publication ID 10.3853/j.2201-4349.71.2019.1655

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Paranomina danielsi

sp. nov.

Paranomina danielsi   sp. nov. 5A23ED7C-380E-4BC7-A2ED-D617C2152897

Figs 13, 14 View Figures 13, 14

Holotype ♂. New South Wales: Currarong, near Jervis Bay [c. 35°01'S 150°49'E], 15.xi.1970, G.D. ( AM K.456342). On leaves of Xanthorrhoea   . On micropin through polyporus, hind legs and left antenna damaged, postabdomen in microvial on main pin GoogleMaps   . Paratypes. New South Wales: 1♂, same data as holotype ( AM) GoogleMaps   ; 3♂♂, Gundamain [or Gundamaian], Royal National Park , Jan. 1926, Oct. 1971, A.J.N., G.D. ( ANIC, QM)   ; 1♂, Heathcote , Nov. 1970, D.K.M. ( AM)   .

Other material examined. New South Wales: 1♀, same data as holotype ( AM), is possibly conspecific GoogleMaps   .

Description (male). Agreeing with generic description in general characters.

Coloration generally tawny-yellow. Head: without any greyish or brown zones; parafacial pale creamy to white. Antenna mainly brown to blackish, sometimes partly tawny, arista tawny, with darker apex. Thorax without darker greypruinescent zones on humeral callus and pleura. Legs without darker zones. Wing membrane faintly tinged with yellow; halter pale tawny.Abdomen typically pale tawny, often partly discoloured in preserved specimens.

mm. (14) Male, Gundamain, aedeagal complex, anterior view, scale = 0.2 mm.

Postabdomen. Surstylus broadened and swollen distally, with distal margin slightly obliquely transverse ( Fig. 13 View Figures 13, 14 ); aedeagus ( Fig. 14 View Figures 13, 14 ) having each rod with sharply delimited sclerotization, broad and complex basally, slender distally, on anterior surface with preapical wedge-like tooth, smaller compressed apical tooth, and often a less marked intermediate prominence.

Dimensions. Total length, 4.0– 4.1 mm; length of thorax, 1.8–1.9 mm; length of wing, 4.2–4.6 mm.

Distribution. New South Wales: coastal districts south of Sydney.

Notes. Paranomina danielsi   has the thorax more uniformly tawny orange than is usual in sympatric southern populations of P. hendeli   . The surstyli are broadened distally but distinctly narrowed where they merge with the epandrium, and the apical part of the aedeagal rod is slender with distinctive armature ( Fig. 14 View Figures 13, 14 ).

The specific epithet refers to Greg Daniels, who has made very significant collections of Paranomina   .


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